A guide to social shares, page views and likes

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Tangofolly uses both native and third-party analytics to collect information about traffic and user-interaction on your posts to help you gauge interest.

View or hit counts

Number of views reflects a simple count of all ACTUAL visits by humans to your post. That is, how many people ACTUALLY read your post. Note that if a user visits your post more than once it is still counted each time to ensure you have the best idea of traffic. We feel that the views count gives you a much more accurate indication of interest than social share data.

Social shares and likes

We cannot track shares to other key social networks (GDPR has made this difficult) or count the number of times Tangofolly has shared your post, so the actual number of shares is inaccurate and therefore, in our opinion, an erroneous indication of interest. We have removed this function.

Where are my stats?

Page views may be viewed in the post crumb under the post title.

Private data collection

Tangofolly is fully compliant with GDPR regulations. Most of the data collected is anonymous and ALL of the data is collected with the prior permission of the user and voluntarily. See our Privacy Policy and GDPR: Is my private information safe?