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Guidebook : I need help using Tangofolly

Share tango news, photos, videos, blog articles and anything else! Here are some tips on how to post, manage and promote your tango stories on Tangofolly.

Make sure you are logged in. Find the link to create a story in the main menu. You can create as many stories as you like.

Once you have published your story navigate to the ‘SETTINGS’ button at the top of your post. There you will find all your management options including updating your banner photo and changing any details such as website and facebook links.

One of the options in ‘SETTINGS’ tab is ‘Delete’. Your story will be deleted forever.

We advise that you should include a feature image. This will be the main image displayed on your post and the thumbnail image everywhere else including social network shares. Learn more about Image Sizes.

Add up to 20 images in the photo gallery slider. Images may be any size and shape and will display on your story as thumbnails below the feature image. Click the images to view the slider.

Be sure to copy and past the FULL URL of the video you wish to display on your post.

Once you have published your story you can tag other members to display your story on their page too. This is especially great when you are working together on a project or wish to give credit to contributors such as photographers.

Members can post comments. You will be notified by email when this happens.

Members can bookmark your post. You will be notificed by email when this happens and your post will be shared again across the Tangofolly network.

Your story automatically appears on your personal Page, on the Noticeboard and in the Story Directory. It may also appear at the bottom of other stories.

Boost your post to feature it in key locations around the website. Find the ‘PROMOTE’ button at the top of your post and follow the instructions. Learn more about Sponsored Promotions.


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