We’re planning a great event with three pairs of professional dancers who will give workshops with attractive themes to develop your dance: six simultaneous workshops in two rooms so you can combine them to your liking. At night we will have an unforgettable evening with a DJ and shows by all the couples in a format that will not stop the dynamics of the night. And many surprises are coming. Milonga starts 20:30 h- 02:00h Dancers: Ezequiel Paludi & Geraldina Rojas Julio Saavedra & Tekla Gogrichiani Alejandro Deocca & Manuela River Tango Market: Jetuelle FREE PARKING Changing rooms Hotels: IBIS Amsterdam City West Changing rooms allows you to change your shoes and clothes if needed. Also, there is a bar on the venue, a restaurant across the street in the Ibis Hotel, and a burger king. The Metro station is 150 meters from the venue. WORKSHOPS 15:00 – 19:00 The workshops will start at 15:00 and end at 19:00. Simoultaneus in two rooms. Topics Tango Milonguero Tango Fantasia Milonga Technique and Training Musicality Vals More Info below.

Ultimate Tango is focused on teaching exclusively Argentine Tango. We teach Tango as life philosophy as it involves leadership and cooperation skills, strategy, understanding the structure of the dance, navigation skills, spatial awareness. It also develops analytical skills related to the structure of the dance and quick decision-making ability forced by the improvisation aspect.

Social Tango focuses on building relationships, improving communication skills, establishing personal space and boundaries, and developing a strong and visible presence. It allows for alternating between female and male parts of our personalities, and besides everything else – teaches you to move gracefully and with power.

Ultimate Tango creator and owners, Anita Flejter and Hernan Brizuela created a unique, well-structured, progressive Argentine Tango program that proves itself extremely successful and popular.

Introducing first connection, communication/partnership building, ability to lead/follow, musicality and structure of the dance, together with the steps from the first encounter with tango Ultimate Tango unique method allows dancers to progress reasonably within a short amount of time, with a great understanding of technique and strong basics for improvisation.