TangoForge is committed to sublime technique and maximum artistry.

We teach tango from the elements, without sequences or memorization. Students learn all of the tango movements inherited from the 1940s, in every possible variation.

Argentine Tango is a magnificent technology of communication. We define the principles of tango technique that enable perfect communication and intense connection in a constantly changing embrace.

We are devoted to teaching in a way that everyone can understand and implement. Students use our biomechanical tools to diagnose their own errors, learn faster from any teachers, and effectively assist other dancers. We provide training programs to develop strength and control – the foundations of artistry.

At www.TangoForge.com, Vio’s Blog “Flying in Trust”  offers apocryphal and encouraging insights on the tango scene, style, emotions, and how to make tango your own.

Pablo Tegli & Emilie started to dance tango in the mid-nineties, when they both lived in Brussels. Today Pablo belongs to the best and most requested Argentine dancers in Europe. He had performed together with “Gotan Project” “Narcotango”, “Café de los Maetros” and many others; He also had a leading role next to Chicho Frumboli in the movie “Tango Libre”, by Belgian director Frédéric Fonteyne.
Their tango is deeply axed in the fluidity of movements where the bodies moves globally with subtlety reducing superfluous tensions and rigid bodies gestures.
Pablo & Emilie workshops are base on this research!
They propose classes for different levels from very beginners to very advance couples, using fundamental structures to many different choreography elements of Tango Argentine such us turns, sacadas, ganchos, enrosques, corridas, change of directions, enganches, pasadas, caminatas, boleos, etc…

My speciality is pencil drawing. I also paint in oils and draw with conté and charcoal, but I am happiest with the simplicity and honesty of graphite on paper.

I began drawing and painting in my early teens by copying images from Marvel & DC Comics, with earliest influences from Pop Art – Lichtenstein, Warhol, Peter Blake, Richard Hamilton & Alan Jones. I do have a fondness for French Impressionist painting and the wonderful sensuality of Art Nouveau. It was during my extensive time spent in the life room at Exeter that my focus became that of human form and gender signals. The simple question of what makes a figure appear masculine or feminine? What makes a figure attractive? This led me to explore beauty, sexuality and attraction and this has continued to be my obsession ever since.

The world of sexual signalling and symbolism – dance, performance, erotica, fashion, fetishism, BDSM & power-play are fuel for my quest for the elusive image of the super feminine. I tend to avoid direct narrative, refining and often isolating the figure in an attempt to capture pure eroticism & sensuality Looking at symbols, proportions, pose, poise, posture, textures & expression searching for that deep-seated emotional trigger in the viewer that provokes a yearning, a memory? a desire?

Pencil drawing has evolved as my chosen medium because I can test ideas far quicker than I can with paint, Initially the drawings were preparations for canvas, but have become stand-alone pieces, life feels too short and time becomes increasingly precious. When I find the perfect image Ill get my oil paints out again!

I used to work exclusively from life, but with the advent of digital photography I can now use the camera to back up initial sketches with the possibility to work on poses that would be very difficult for a model to hold for any length of time. These reference snaps have a level of detail that is so seductive, that my drawings in turn have become ever more photo-realistic.

I very rarely use professional models, sometimes private commissions turn into regular models, its interesting to depict someone else’s passions as well as my own. In fact, inspiration for new images can come from the simplest of sources, a myth or legend, a texture, a feather, a face, a stance, people watching, a memory, a movie, a piece of music, a shop window mannequin, a stage show, dancing, doodling, flowers or birds in my garden, exploring a new city or watching the weather. Life is full of sub-conscious associations with gender, sexuality, sensuality and desire.

I started dancing Latin & Ballroom in 2010, and was introduced to Argentine Tango about 1 year after.. Immediately this dance felt ‘right’ to me! I have become ‘addicted’, and this passion has now become the inspiration for my Artworks. The quest is now to capture ‘The Moment’ when the world falls away and time means nothing, another dimension, the perfect connection.