I organize Tango Classes and Weekend workshops for visiting Argentine Tango professional dancers and instructors.

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My name is Jesus S. Acosta and I dance to be just who I am.

I believe that connecting to our body –breath, feelings and sensations– is fundamental for being a whole, functional, human being.

I founded Dance in Conversation, a confluence of perspectives, a community engaged in understanding how dancing transforms our lives.

Dancing since 2003.

I have been dancing and organizing events since 2014, and teaching since 2000.  Pleased to offer you a new Tango Marathon in small-town British Columbia Canada.

I enjoy playing music that unlocks and
awakened the dormant emotions in all of

For over 20 years, I have danced, taught,
organised tango events, and DJ in UK and
all over Europe in Milonga, Encuentro,
Marathon and Festival.

I was born in Ukraine in Kyiv. For quite sometime lived in states.

I like dancing tango, hiking in the nature, watching movies, reading and socialize with

friends and also love to be around animals.

TANGO A TRES BANDAS is a collective that promotes Tango in the Canary Islands by offering classes, milongas and Tango events.

Born 1968, Dancing Tango since about 5 Jahr everywhere