I created Sivis’Art because I love capturing the story of tango on film to create great memories of tango marathons, festivals and many other tango events around the world. I like to shoot and edit on location so if you would like me to film your event please message me here. Feel free to share the films and I really hope you like them! Chongrak

Tango dance is social, harmony, meditation and beautiful.

Tango classes and milonga.


Tree tea,coffee,snacks, beer £2, wine £2.50, water £1, juice £1.

Alejandra Sabena is a professional dancer, learned from great maestros like Osvaldo Zotto, and official dancer of orchestras like Jorge Arduh.

She leads a Tango Academy with basis at Sevilla and Huelva (Spain) and she also helds Master Classes at several countries. Alejandra Sabena organizes regular Milongas and also International Tango events.

Making films is my work, but also what I enjoy the most in life. I always strive to create something unique with a harmony between image and sound. My main passion lies in making narrative and documentary films, but I am also a freelance filmmaker for corporate and promotional videos, video impressions and recordings of events.

Filmmaking and tango are very similar, since they share rhythm, creativity and emotions. With two passions combined, it’s always a huge joy to me when I film tango. I love filming the expressions of two people dancing tango together, and capturing wonderful moments of their steps. My main goal in filmmaking is to entertain and inspire you; I hope to achieve that for you upon watching my work.

Executive produced by Wim Wenders (PINA, BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB) and written and directed by German Kral OUR LAST TANGO tells the life and love story of Argentina’s most celebrated tango dancers Maria Nieves Rego and Juan Carlos Copes. They met as teenagers and danced together for nearly fifty years, becoming international stars and making the Argentine tango famous around the world before a painful separation tore them apart. In German Kral´s documentary the virtuosos reunite to open up about their journey, recreating incredible tango-choreographies with the help of a group of young dancers from Buenos Aires including acclaimed dancer Pablo Verón (The Tango Lesson).