I have been dancing and organizing events since 2014, and teaching since 2000.  Pleased to offer you a new Tango Marathon in small-town British Columbia Canada.

Co-organizers, Tango teachers,:

  • Ginette Montenegro and Emile Gayoso
  • Sandrina Dh and Daniele Galiazzo
  • Tamsyn Webb & Richard Manuel

Logistic: Loredana Fossati

I enjoy playing music that unlocks and
awakened the dormant emotions in all of

For over 20 years, I have danced, taught,
organised tango events, and DJ in UK and
all over Europe in Milonga, Encuentro,
Marathon and Festival.

TANGO A TRES BANDAS is a collective that promotes Tango in the Canary Islands by offering classes, milongas and Tango events.

I’m a tango dancer since 2011. Started dancing in Brussels. Now back in my home town Malmö, Sweden. Organizing events in collaboration with the community. Offering tango talks linked to the Inner Development Goals, aimed at the corporate world.

I m tango dancer and organiser

I want to try this programme for create event. If i like, i write more.