Hello all Tango friends.
I would like to introduce you to TangoBelle.

TangoBelle interprets musical arrangements of the repertoire of the most popular and traditional tangos of all epochs, we select an exclusive repertoire to dance, ideal for Concerts, Milongas, Festivals and Tango Marathon.

TangoBelle offers a new approach in the interpretation of Tango live that makes it perfect for Concerts, Festivals and Milongas.

They are lead by the Argentine tenor Juanjo Velardo, in collaboration with differents Tango orchestras around the world.

​We interpreted arrangements of different composers as:

D’arienzo, Di Sarli, Troilo, Pugliese, Gobbi, De Angelis, M. Caló,

O. Fresedo, F. Sassone, Canaro and Piazzolla.


Currently collaborates with Juanjo Passo, Conductor and Bandoneonist of the typical tango orchestra of Sweden “ORQUESTA TANGARTE”.

We offer high quality tango shows throughout Europe and Asia.

We offer for Milongas, Festivals and Concerts:

* Full Orchestra  – septet composed by : Singer, Bandoneon, 2 Violins, Violoncello,
Contrabass and Piano.

* Sextet composed by : Singer, Bandoneon, Violin, Violoncello, Contrabass and Piano.

* Quintet composed by : Singer, Bandoneon, Violin, Violoncello and Piano.

* Quartet composed by : Singer, Bandoneon, Violin and Piano.

El Cuarteto Bien Porteño – that’s live tango music for dancing!
The ensemble spans the modern era of tango with original arrangements and arrangements of famous Tango clásico compositions, presenting a mixed program for aficionados of sophisticated dance culture.

Percell lived in Argentina for more than a year for the sole purpose of studying tango – to perfect his passion for the dance and its culture. There he became known as El Criollo, a name given to him by his first teacher, Rodolfo Dinzel. Among Percell’s most influential teachers are:

Rodolfo & Gloria Dinzel, Daniel & Maria Bastone, Fabian Salas, Cecilia Gonzales,  Osvaldo Zotto, Juan Carlos Copes, and Carlos Gavito

Percell went on to produce several tango stage productions, one of which,“The Soul Of Argentina:  A Tribute To Tango” made an unprecedented 9 month tour in the late 1990s. He also cosponsored the Buenos Aires production of “Milonga Boulevard “ in the US.

His tango training program, TangoKinesis, is based on those of the Nacional Academia Del Tango and the Escuela de Tango Argentino (Jorge Firpo) Percell St.Thomass is recognized by the Buenos Aires Council of Cultural Affairs as an Adjudicator Level Maestro de Tango.

Percell St. Thomass’ TangoKinesis is a tango training program, and has no affiliation with the South American Dance Company of the same name.

I’m available to be accredited for the creation of detailed reportages of Tango Events in order to describe them in a creative and original way, while providing the necessary documentation to the organizers.
To contact me: info@gazblanco.com

Born in Buenos Aires, I grew up with Tango and now live in Berlin. I am a Musician, Choir Director, Singer and Tango DJ. My grandfather had a tango orchestra in the 1940’s, Orquesta Tipica America, and my uncle, Argentino Ledesma was the wedding singer at my parents wedding. He sang for Di Sarli, Varela and many more. You can hear him singing with Orquesta Hector Varela in the song ‘Fueron Tres Anos’ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doRyW6GcII0 –  I saw most of the orchestras in Buenos Aires playing live, when I was a child and went to milongas with Mom and Dad who loved dancing. My mom used to rock me to sleep singing tango songs. Somehow, I know every tango song, every orchestra, every singer, and have learned all of this unconsciously growing up. It suprises me even now.

My mother started to dance when she was 13 years old and has been dancing tango for some 70 years. I remember my mother teaching me how to dance when I was about 5 years old. Now, at 84 years old, my mother and I still go dancing together when I am in Buenos Aires. This is my joy.

As a DJ, whether I am playing digital music or original vinyls,  it is very important to me that the dancers can hear the best possible quality of music.  Currently, I am DJ’ing in local Berlin milongas and travel throughout Europe for festivals and marathons.

Andrea Seewald is a professional austrian contemporary dancer, degreed Feldenkrais “Practitioner”, LNB-Motion trainer and for years a passionate tango dancer.
Matías Haber is a professional uruguayan opera singer and for years a passionate tango dancer & teacher
Andrea Seewald and Matías Haber belong to those crazy and loving idealists who in one moment decided, contrary to any rational condition, to dedicate their time to their mission. Seven years ago the two artists turned their back on their original profession with the following argument: “We are both searching for authenticity and we are tired of the egocentrism that can get you easily as an artist. We want to follow the project of our heart. We want to reach as many different people as possible. One day when we look back at our life, we want to have the feeling that we actively supported and promoted a positive togetherness.” For years Andrea and Matías are working with people with different physical and mental possibilities and developed a method called: The Tinkers System, finding simplicity.