Gaston Enqique Olguin is a professional Tango dancer & teacher who has performed & taught workshops in Paris, Berlin, Rome, London, New York, Miami, Buenos Aires & now Fairfield, IA!  2 Weekend Workshops: #1: Sept 2-4, Fri-Sun – Labor Day Weekend  #2: Sept 9-11, Fri-Sun FULL SCHEDULE & DETAILS AT Weeknight Classes: Mon Sept 5 – Thurs Sept 8  & Mon Sept 12-Weds Sept 14 All events at HCI Creativity Lab 408 W. Lowe, Fairfield IA 52556  

Westcourt Tango based in East Kent, hold regular weekly classes, monthly Tea Dances and occasional evening events

Donne des cours de Tango Argentin de façon hebdomadaire sur la Bretagne en France avec quelques interventions dans d’autres villes comme Tours.

Organise aussi des stages et des milongas dont certaines durant l’été dans des communes touristiques.

Vendeur de chaussures de marque Tangolera, Regina et Schizzo dans un show-room sur Trébeurden (22) ou lors de festival, marathon ou we de stage sur la Bretagne et au-delà comme Caen, Orléans, Tours, …

DJ lors de différents événements comme le Festival Tango par la Côte, celui de Châteaulin, et régulièrement lors de pratique régulières sur la Bretagne sur Brest, Lannion, Sarzeau, …

Perfect Tango holiday by the sea in South Crete. Relax – learn – dance – enjoy!

Under the starry sky. Moonlight over the sea!

With the best international teachers!

Pablo Verón

Metin Yazir

and others

June, July, October, November.

For more information contact Susanne 0049 1577 172 8782 WhatsApp etc. or email ‍♀️

Ultimate Tango is focused on teaching exclusively Argentine Tango. We teach Tango as life philosophy as it involves leadership and cooperation skills, strategy, understanding the structure of the dance, navigation skills, spatial awareness. It also develops analytical skills related to the structure of the dance and quick decision-making ability forced by the improvisation aspect.

Social Tango focuses on building relationships, improving communication skills, establishing personal space and boundaries, and developing a strong and visible presence. It allows for alternating between female and male parts of our personalities, and besides everything else – teaches you to move gracefully and with power.

Ultimate Tango creator and owners, Anita Flejter and Hernan Brizuela created a unique, well-structured, progressive Argentine Tango program that proves itself extremely successful and popular.

Introducing first connection, communication/partnership building, ability to lead/follow, musicality and structure of the dance, together with the steps from the first encounter with tango Ultimate Tango unique method allows dancers to progress reasonably within a short amount of time, with a great understanding of technique and strong basics for improvisation.

Tango Argentino – dancers, teachers, festivals – and the music

Argentine tango – Shows | Lessons | Vacations | Coaching
Become inspired by emotions and elegance.

When we dance, we infuse our soul into our dancing. We feel the depth and intensity of the music, the vibrating energy of the tango embrace and the synergy with the partner. Our emotions become perceivable throughout our body and captivate the audience.
Nothing else exists but the here and now.

When teaching, we take our students by their hand and accompany them on a voyage through their own emotions. An inspiring, energizing, step-by-step journey that makes them feel more confident, accomplished and able to express their soul through their dance.
Using our structured and tailored teaching methodology, developed over more than 20 years, we enable our students to conquer their fears and achieve the fulfillments they are looking for.

We are a group of professional dancers, specialists of the body, from different artistic backgrounds, all sharing the study and teaching of Tango as a dance and expression of human connection. We approach the learning process from different perspectives assuming that we are as we dance and we dance as we are. By integrating a variety of approaches and methods, we explore this process in its maximum expression, understanding the diverse needs that each individual presents and providing tools that favour both individual and collective development.

The school is based in Buenos Aires and London working collaboratively to enrich both sides of the Atlantic by the exchange of knowledge and experience. The ethos of Tango Integral and its classes are consistent in both locations, providing creative, informative and dynamic explorations in each meeting.

Argentine Tango Dancers, Choreographers and Instructors in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Michael and Nella are the 2019 International Tango Summit Professional Champions.

Michael is USA Tango Champion 2017 (Pista) -2018 (Stage).

He also won the Top Teacher Award in 2018 and 2019 at International Tango Summit.

I’m professional dancer with studies on classic ballet and specialized on Argentinian Tango and Folklore.