Over the years, I’ve danced a little of a lot of styles, and a lot of some styles—everything from Ballet to Zouk. On retiring from a career as a computer technology entrepreneur, I returned to dance and discovered the Argentine tango. Studying and dancing it became my new occupation. In 2015, I started teaching it and writing about it. I studied body-mind techniques (NLP, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Franklin Method) to enrich my understanding and teaching. In the first year of pandemic isolation, I wrote a one-year course of tango instruction and exploration, then during the second year my partner and I completed the Game of Argentine Tango and now offer it for free to all.

I’m a tango dancer since 2011. Started dancing in Brussels. Now back in my home town Malmö, Sweden. Organizing events in collaboration with the community. Offering tango talks linked to the Inner Development Goals, aimed at the corporate world.

Hola! I’m an Irish Tango dancer for four years and I got to perform at Cita and at La Nacional as part of Celina’s all female dance troupe in Buenos Aires Argentina during March 2023! Abrazos Simone) 🙏🤗🙌🤩😍💃🕺👠

Me llamo Dave. Soy de los Estados Unidos y estoy viviendo en Buenos Aires ahora. Estoy aprendiendo tango y me encanta.

Journalist and historian, born in 1964, owner of MatersHermsen CommunicatieJournalistiek. Loves dancing, ice speedskating and music in all its forms.

My name is Liz Sabatiuk and I produce a podcast called Humans of Tango. Each episode features one person’s story and perspective on tango and life, accompanied by music inspired by that person’s story and taste. My goals are to explore what we can all learn from tango while sharing tango’s versatility, power, and beauty with dancers and non-dancers alike.


I write the book about the history of tango music in pre-war Poland

Perfect Tango holiday by the sea in South Crete. Relax – learn – dance – enjoy!

Under the starry sky. Moonlight over the sea!

With the best international teachers!

Pablo Verón

Metin Yazir

and others

June, July, October, November.

For more information contact Susanne 0049 1577 172 8782 WhatsApp etc. or email tangokreta@gmx.de ‍♀️

Ultimate Tango is focused on teaching exclusively Argentine Tango. We teach Tango as life philosophy as it involves leadership and cooperation skills, strategy, understanding the structure of the dance, navigation skills, spatial awareness. It also develops analytical skills related to the structure of the dance and quick decision-making ability forced by the improvisation aspect.

Social Tango focuses on building relationships, improving communication skills, establishing personal space and boundaries, and developing a strong and visible presence. It allows for alternating between female and male parts of our personalities, and besides everything else – teaches you to move gracefully and with power.

Ultimate Tango creator and owners, Anita Flejter and Hernan Brizuela created a unique, well-structured, progressive Argentine Tango program that proves itself extremely successful and popular.

Introducing first connection, communication/partnership building, ability to lead/follow, musicality and structure of the dance, together with the steps from the first encounter with tango Ultimate Tango unique method allows dancers to progress reasonably within a short amount of time, with a great understanding of technique and strong basics for improvisation.