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Promotion and Advertising With Tangofolly - The Argentine Tango Community Network

Learn how Tangofolly helps you share and promote your Argentine tango news and events and our aim to meaningfully support our tango community worldwide.


Get Listed. Be Found. Connect. It’s Free.

Packed with plenty of useful, made-to-measure communication tools designed to help you promote your news and events, Tangofolly is fun, free, interactive and self-enabling. All you need to do is join in and post your stuff!

Your posts are displayed on your very own Page, the Noticeboard and in the relevant directory.
We share everything you post across our entire social network including our regular email newsletter to all subscribers.
Other Tangofolly members can like your post. When they do we’ll share your post again.
Tag friends to display your post on their page too! This is great for collaborations and when you do we’ll share your post again.
Members can comment on your stories, ask questions about your marketplace listings and message you privately.

Sponsored Marketing Options

If you want more and don’t want to get lost in long listing results, boost your posts on Tangofolly at known popular locations around the website by quickly creating a Promo. Here’s everything there is to know about Promos:

What is a ‘Promo’?

A simple, cost effective way to boost your listed news and events posts.

Which posts can I promote?

Any event, market listing or story you have published on Tangofolly. You can even promote your own page if you wish!

Where is my promo displayed?

Your promo will be found on the homepage above the fold, all page footers and relevant directory feature banners. We also share your promoted post on all our social networks regularly throughout your promotion period and include it in any relevant emails to all Newsletter subscribers. For 30days or more promotions we will send a special mailshot too.

How often is my promotion displayed?

The number of promotions running at any one time is strictly limited to make sure you are not sharing impression potential with too many others. Promos are selected and displayed randomly and fairly. Random selection takes place dynamically on page load each time a user arrives on a page. We do not control this selection in any way.

How much does it cost?

Prices are contributory amounts and depend on the time period you choose. Our aim is to keep prices as low and affordable as possible so pricing is set at the lower end of the current advertising pricing bandwidth. There are no hidden fees or unexpected ‘bills’. We use a pay-as-you-go system. Simply make a payment to activate your promo and ‘re-list’ whenever you like.
















Where does my payment go?

All the money you put in to promoting your news and events goes solely towards improving and maintaining Tangofolly. Effectively, your contribution helps keep the Tangofolly project alive! Learn more →

What about cancellations and refunds?

You are able to cancel your promo anytime up until you make payment. Due to the automated nature of sponsored online promotions, confirmed payments cannnot be refunded, as per our Membership Terms. Exceptions may apply.

Conflict of interest and other legalities

Promotions that conflict with Tangofolly’s ethos and aims will not be approved. Please refer to our Membership Terms for more information.

How do I create a promo?

It’s really easy to boost your posts or your page and you can relist as many times as you like. Here’s how:

Find the ‘Promote’ button on any post you have published already or your page. The promote button is near your ‘Settings’ button in the top left.
Add an eye-catching headline or strapline. We will copy your post or page featured image across to your promo so you don’t have to.
Choose a listing period and make payment securely via Paypal to activate. You will receive a receipt from Paypal for your records.

How do I edit my promo?

Find the ‘PROMOTE’ button at the top of your promoted post and follow the link or find all your promotions in My Account →

What about support?

We are here to help in any way we can! Your promotion is carefully checked by an SEO/marketing expert to help you reach your impression potential and our team is available if you have any trouble or need help at any time. To get in touch pop us a note by email:

Can I relist after expiration?

You can relist as many times as you like. Navigate to your post, click the ‘PROMOTE’ button and follow the instructions to make payment again.


Create A Promo

I want to promote something new:

Login or Signup

Find the ‘CREATE’ tab in the main menu to create a new post (free).

At the top of your post lick ‘PROMOTE’.

I want to promote something I have published already:

Find your post, login, and then click ‘PROMOTE’.


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