It's absolutely free to share your events and stories on Tangofolly and there are sponsored promotion options available too.

Sponsored options

To reach more people and not get lost in long listing results, boost your event and story posts on Tangofolly at known popular locations around the website, across our social media platforms and to all our subscribers by creating a Promo.

How it works

Tangofolly will manage the distribution of your promotion as fairly as possible and you have full control throughout the promotional period. Here’s how:

Display limitations
Cancellations and refunds
Editing and relisting
Conflicts and support

Getting started

It’s really easy and takes about 2-5 minutes to setup:

1. Create a story or event. Or, navigate to one you have published already.
2. Select ‘PROMOTE’ from your editor menu at the top of your post.
3. Choose a promotion package and make payment. That’s it! Done!

Read the guide to promos for more information and useful tips.


Your promotion is presented to readers all around the Tangofolly network:

1. Shared on all social media platforms

2. Emailed to all subscribers

3. Displayed at key locations on

Grid views

Many appearances around the website will be in a grid format, especially listings in directories, sidebars, footers, on other posts. Social media sites will most likely use a similar style too.

List views

In some instances it will suit your post better to be displayed in list format.

Banner views

Your promoted event or story appears on the homepage, above-the-fold and full-width to capture as many readers as possible in this hugely popular location. The main section of this banner looks similar to this:


Welcome to Tangofolly! A community hub for Argentine Tango social dancers, teachers, DJ's and everyone else 'tango'. Signup to share your events, news, reviews and opinions too. Here's what's new:

This post is for example purposes only.

Packages and prices

It is our aim to keep pricing as low as possible while still providing everyone with a flexible choice of package options:

07 DAYS £15.00
14 DAYS £25.00
30 DAYS £35.00
60 DAYS £55.00

Where does all my money go?

The money you spend on promoting your news and events goes towards improving and maintaining Tangofolly. In other words, your contribution helps keep the Tangofolly project alive!

Why is the image you choose so important?

Your choice of image will make all the difference to the success of your promotion. It is well-known that images increase engagement. People don’t just want to click on and look at pretty pictures, they want to share them. In fact, posts with an image receive up to 40% more clicks and shares than posts with no image. But which image is best? Here are some tips on getting your banner image right:

A guide to images

Tangofolly takes special care of the images you publish to ensure your posts always look g…

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Check out our guide to creating and managing your promotion. You can find more information, instructions and answers to frequently asked questions in the support directory.

A guide to promos

Its completely free to post your tango events and stories on and there are…

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