Some weeks ago we met Peter Litster, tanguero and illustrator, who has been working away ever since to create this absolutely fantastic illustration just for Tangofolly.

An imaginative, wonderfully romantic notion of “Rodolpho Biagi flying through outer-space with his grand piano.”

The design is beautiful, full of texture and movement conjuring the sounds of Biagi’s music way up there amongst the starts. The style suits Tangofolly’s art deco influence and plays perfectly with all that ‘folly’ that Tangofolly is.


This month we feature the beautiful photography work of Magdalena Smolarska, tango and portrait photographer based in London.

The image portrays renowned tango dancers and teachers, Stefania Colina and Juan-Martin Carrara during their recent performance at Carablanca, the long-running and popular Friday night Milonga in London.

We love the perspective and movement with poise. Looking down on the dancers in this way gives such a different insight into their connection and feeling for the music. The colours are deliciously rich and tangible to the eye, the air thick as if you could walk through rooms; the light on the dancefloor and the surrounding darkness filled with invisible eyes.

Its such a lovely shot Magdalena.