Shoot Entry: Cindarella’s Dream
Shoot Entry | Philippe Gauthier | 30/01/2015 | Views: 341 | Shares
SHOOT! The Spirit of Tango 2014
Sony Nex-5R
Photographer’s Comment:
I love the peacefulness emerging from this resting tanguera. The calm inside the flow of the ever moving milonga.
Judges’s Comment:
One of the best images so far. Its editorial quality! If I took it I would be delighted. The dancers stand to the side to let the central focus through. The image is beautifully lit. The thin line of light coming from under the couch draws my eye to the subject and ties the dancers on each side together, creating a line of motion.

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SHOOT! The Spirit of Tango 2014: The competition ran from 01 April 2014 to 31 December 2014. Three images from any category were selected as finalists each month. This was a test of skill. There was no element of chance.

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