Edition 2017

SHOOT! The Spirit of Tango

The SHOOT ran from 01 September to 31 December 2017 and was open to all photographers, amateur or professional. The theme was ‘Argentine Tango’ and award winning photos portray the photographer’s artistic interpretation of ‘The Spirit of Tango’ as a study of the art, culture, dance and music of Argentine Tango.


Images will be primarily judged on their overall emotion, power, creativity, skill, and originality.

This is a skill-based contest and chance plays no part in the determination of Winners or Finalists.

The Judges’ decision is final.


Entrants may submit up to 4 images in total, one image per entry. Guidelines on image requirements are detailed in the Shoot Terms of Entry. Images that have not fulfilled these guidelines have unfortately been disqualified.

Judging has ended. Awards below!

Terms of entry


One image will be awarded ‘The Spirit of Tango’ Photograph of the Year. The winner receives £100 gift voucher.

Two finalists considered close seconds will receive a £50 voucher and finally the People’s Choice is awarded to the image with the most public votes.


Return to the SHOOT to explore more photo entries, award-winning images and read interviews with the winners.

The Shoot