My 5 ways to walk-- A fun experiment to grow your Tango imagination

So many people feel stuck at a certain level, they feel they are not progressing, they feel they have hit a plateau..!
Here is a way to take advantage of the plateau, to gently grow not only to a different level but mostly to a different understanding of tango

James Altucher has a beautiful creativity technique. A technique for us to build our idea muscle, as he says… it is very simple but extremely powerful!

Write 10 ideas a day..!

5 different ways to walk was one of the 10 things on my list, on how to keep my tango practice fresh…!Other ideas were just crazy and some to be explored a bit further before attempting a video…haha… And so I started with this one which led to a fun fun fun practice!

What does your fun practice list look like?

posted by: Chrisa Assis

About the author: Professional Dancer, Teacher, Writer from Toronto

Published: 16 Mar 2018 @ 11:36

Last modified: 25 Mar 2019 @ 10:37

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