London, 6th to 8th April 2018


5 Milongas in the stunning Porchester Hall, with wooden sprung dance floor, in an all-encompassing venue hosting both the festival and the championship.


25 hours of pure social dancing with people from all over the world at the Porchester hall in central London. Plus 2 after Milonga Parties!


The performances of both categories Tango Pista & Stage will take place every evening of the Festival from 6pm to 8pm. More information about the Championship on the following link:


For those who want to take Tango to a higher level, there will be 14 Workshops with the Maestros in the Porchester Hall


MAESTROs: Fabian Peralta – Josefina Bermudez – Horacio Godoy – Cecilia Berra – Noelia Hurtado – Carlos Espinoza – Juan Martin Carrara – Stefania Colina


DJs: Marcelo Rojas – Horacio Godoy – Alexandra Kotelnitskaya – Andrea Dedo



– 15 Nov to 1 Dec: Festival Passes Early Bird

– 1 Dec: Workshops Registrations Open

– Championship Registration is already open!

We are giving advise on Hotels and organising city tours for the people coming from abroad to also see the wonders of London!REGISTER on:




Instagram: uktangofestival

Twitter: uk_tango


Keep posted!!!

Story posted by: laura urb

About the author: Organiser, Social Dancer from London

Published: 26 Oct 2017 @ 15:22

Last modified: 8 Mar 2021 @ 20:21

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