Why go to The Big Pop Tango Marathon?

George Orwell, the very same man who wrote one of my favourite books, The Animal Farm, also declared, ‘Manchester is the belly and guts of the nation’. And maybe he was right!

1. To begin with, some of the most important contributors to our modern day world actually come from Manchester:

❤ Alan Turing invented the computer.
❤ Ah yes.. Manchester is the home of Coronation Street.
❤ Emmeline Pankhurst led the suffraget movement.
❤ Anthony Burgess wrote the infamous A Clockwork Orange.
❤ It was in Manchester that Henry Royce made his very first Rolls Royce.
❤ Ernest Rutherford split the very first atom!
❤ Boyband ‘Take That’ hail from Manchester. Surely not to be dismissed.
❤ Manchester is where pro league football all started.
❤ The first ever canal was built in Manchester.
❤ And the first ever Library (in English).
❤ Even Karl Marx hung out in Manchester.

So yes, maybe Orwell was right..

What he didn’t know back then is that in 2017 Manchester would take another world first as The Big Pop Tango Marathon opens it’s doors for the very first time.

The Big Pop Tango Marathon

So, why go to The Big Pop?

Well, what’s not to like!

2. Getting there is real easy. Too easy.

If your in the UK, jump on the train. If you are coming from Europe, fly straight in to Manchester Airport, the third biggest international airport in the UK.
» Travel Options

3. The music will be excellent.

There will be some very respectable DJ’s flying in from all over Europe who promise to keep us properly busy dancing tango day and night.
» Check out the DJ line-up

4. You’ll fuel up every day on British Home-made.

English breakfast, scones n’ tea, proper meat pie with mushy peas, applie pie ‘n custard AND fish ‘n chips! Muy importante indeed.
» Browse the Menu

5. There will be some great social dancing!

Word to wise is there are some VERY nice dancers registered already so the dancefloor will DEFINITELY be fun, explorative and curious. This ALWAYS makes for an excellent weekend.

6. It’s a fair deal frankly.

If we are talking money its good value. 5 Milongas, 2 After parties, all brunches and dinners included – £100 all in.
» The Big Pop Deal

7. You’ll be part of a ‘Manchester First’ story.

In 20 years time when the world blogs about the great firsts of Manchester you’ll be able to say ‘Yeah I know it… I was there!’ 😉

» Sounds Like Fun! Sign Me Up

View the event: The Big POP Manchester Tango Marathon

posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 4 Jun 2017 @ 12:35

Last modified: 24 Mar 2019 @ 10:44

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