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A Tango chat with Jason Jiang
A Tango Chat with Jason Jiang

We get together with Jason Jiang, for some Tango chatting!
You know some times a friend can be the best mentor, and this is coming from me a dancer… Do you know what that means?
That most of the times I hate my partners…and then I realize how much, each of them has taught me..! haha

For example:
Tango is too beautiful, not to dance good! Jason Jiang

Jason Jiang is a good friend and active member from our community here in Toronto.
He is also though the organizer of the Shanghai Sientome festival which features many big names of the Tango world with Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes leading the way.

He has been a DJ for big festivals the most recent on being the  Tango Maya Fest happening every November in the spicy Cancun. Jason has been dancing Tango for many years and has a strong background in Ballroom dancing as well.

So in this interview, we attempted to reveal juicy Tango details that can help different dancers of different levels and with different goals.

This is what you will get from our chat:

What it is like to dj for big festivals–such as Tango Maya Fest in Cancun:
How he managed some special circumstances

What happens when Sebastian Arce shows up to teach a class

Tips he got from his private class with Sebastian Arce and Maximiliano Cristiani
How he uses these tips to practice
What exactly he practices on and how

How his vast experience in ballroom affected his Tango

The Shanghai Tango Festival– Sientome Tango: https://sientometango. com/
How he organized it, who, where, when and why
How they manage role balance in the classes
and much much more

If you are looking for tools, tips, drills and inspiration, I think you won’t be disappointed!


Associated links mentioned during our chat:

Jason Jiang FB:

Tango Maestros:
Luciano Brigante and Alejandra Orozco

Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes

Maximiliano Cristiani and Karina Colmeiro

Fabian Peralta and Josefina Bermudez

Geraldine Rojas and Javier Rodrigues


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posted by: Chrisa Assis

About the author: Dance Teacher, Professional Dancer, Writer from Toronto

Published: 21 Mar 2018 @ 19:55

Last modified: 24 Mar 2019 @ 21:13

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