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Popular Moscow Tango-DJ. Playing on a regular milongas “Heat,” “I love it!” “Chique”, “Brava!”, “Spring”, “Ekaterininsky Garden”, “Prischepov” “The Embrace”, “round”, “Aerotango” etc., and in the Moscow region, Jukovsky, St. Petersburg, Tver, Kaluga and other Russian cities, and Also in France, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria etc.
Important events: «Russian Tango Congress II» (Moscow), «Tan(GO)tyk Marathon IV» (Torun, Poland), 4th Varna Tango Marathon (Bulgaria), Grand Milonga «Moscow Tango Holidays» with Solo Tango Orquesta (Moscow), Festival «Bajo el cielo» (Kaluga),  «Zlota Milonga» (Warsaw), «Milonga Roter Salon» (Berlin), «Milonga Turquito» (Paris), «El Corazon des Abbesses» (Paris), «La Contina» (Paris), «Festival Tiempo Para Tango» (Szczecin, Poland), Loitz Tango Marathon (Germany), milongas featuring Sebastian Arce, Pancho Martinez Pey, Junior Servila, Estanislao Herrera etc.
Also, I am the first Tango-DJ in Moscow, who start playing in the format milongas «Nuevo & Alternative-tango».

About tango music I play:
– I enjoy “Guardia Vieja” – As everyone could dance the tango of 20-30s. It has some kind of “mystical” action that doesn’t require exhausting trainings and “perfect boleo” 🙂
– I enjoy “Golden Age” tracks that give you sensation of shine and festivity!
– I enjoy some new orchestras, who good playing classic tangos, and work in best traditions. I think we have a good opportunity to occasionally enjoy a good sound of your favorite tracks.
– I enjoy “soft” cortinas. Acoustic, classic blues and jazz tunes from 40-50ss which harmoniously mix with tango music.
– I think that the cortina should indicate the mood the next tanda. Or emotional finish last tanda. Or wash away all sense of past tanda 🙂 But the main thing – cortina must be carefully chosen in each case.
– I appreciate emotionality in tango music. I believe that music first of all should touch your soul and only then it should make you dance. Let the music be simple but sincere.
– I prefer only those tracks that have real power and emotion of living. However, without prejudice to dance 🙂
– I prefer slow and medium tempo. I try to create a smooth and tender flow of music. But surprises and contrasts surely take their place 🙂
– If the event format allows, then I include in my playlist the best of rare old guard, canyengue, foxtrot, the French and classical waltz, rare diamonds of a classical tango orchestras and a non-Argentinian tango of the 20th century.
– I do special attention to technical aspect of ensuring high-quality sound of music on a milonga.
– I believe each tanda must have at least one 100% hit 🙂
– I work completely in real time. Adapts to the mood of the audience.
Depending on the preferences of the organizer I play:
– 100% Classic
– Classic 70% + 25% + 5% NewOrquestas SpecialOld / New / NonTango
– 50% + 50% Classic NewOrquestas / SpecialOld / New / NonTango
– 100% NewOrquestas / SpecialOld / New / NonTango
– And other variants. In depends on the wishes of the organizer.
Favorite classic orchestras: Francisco Canaro, Adolfo Carabelli, Julio De Caro, Miguel Calo, Fresedo Osvaldo Carlos Di Sarli, Juan D`Arienzo, Rodolfo Biagi, Florindo Sassone, Anibal Troilo, Osvaldo Pugliese.
Favorite singers: Alberto Gomez, Ernesto Fama, Raul Beron, Alberto Podesta, Angel Vargas, Hugo Duval, Oscar Serpa, Hector Pacheco, Luis Mendoza, Alberto Moran, Jorge Maciel.
Favorite new orchestras: Sans Souci, Solo Tango Orchestra, Sexteto Milonguero, Vale Tango, Hugo Diaz, Decareana, Los Siete del Tango, Tango Sextet, Color Tango, Octet Marabu, Adolfo Beron, Antonio Felipe set.
New orchestras: Astor Piazzolla, Otros Aires, Bajofondo, Tanghetto, Beatles & Tango, Beltango Quartet, Esteban Morgado, Baguette Quartette.
Non_tango: Classics ReConducted, Caro Emerald, Adriano Celentano, Amethystium, Edith Piaf, Enigma, France Vals, Foxtrot, Gare du Nord, Hindi Zahra, Hooverphonic, Kroke, Lana Del Ray, Louis Armstrong, Massive Attack, Morphine, Portishead, Robbie Williams, Roxette, Sarah Brightman, Scorpions, Soha, Vaya Con Dios, Pink Floyd, Doors, Beatles, Joe Satriani, York, W.A.Mozart, J.S.Bach. Acoustic-piano, Acoustic-guitar, Blues, Classic-Jazz, Klezmer, Chinese, Ambient, Post-rock, Meditative.

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About Evgeny Morozow
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