What is a taxi dancer?
A taxi dancer is a professional dance partner – someone who will accompany you to milongas, parcticas or classes during your stay in Buenos Aires!

Why do I need a taxi dancer?
Venturing into the tango scene of Buenos Aires without a dance partner is exciting but it can also be disappointing when you are not invited to dance either at all or not as often as you would like to be. Let’s face it; this is something that can happen to either the unknown beginner or more advanced tango dancer anywhere in the tango world! A taxi dancer makes you feel immediately at ease and ensures that you can enjoy every moment of the Milonga and, as your understanding and experience deepens, your confidence and ability grows: those watching the dance floor are attentive observers and soon you find that you are being invited, or accepted, to dance by local dancers at the Milongas.

Who are the taxi dancers?
Our team comprises a large group of highly respected professional dancers.


Tango Holiday Groups
We are specialists in the management of large groups and as such we work with prestigious tango schools from around the world. By providing groups of professional dancers to accompany them to milongas and classes, we strive to ensure that they enjoy the finest, most pleasurable dance experience possible during their time in Buenos Aires, the capital city of tango!

Dance Partner for the night at the Milonga
This is a service for men and women who want to enjoy two or three hours of carefree dancing with a professional dance partner at a milonga of their own choice.

Partner for public lessons
Sometimes the best public lessons in Buenos Aires require that you have a dance partner but even when it is not required it is advisable to go with a partner if at all possible. We can offer you a professional dancer to dance exclusively with you at the class ensuring that you make the very most of a valuable learning opportunity.

Private Lessons
The most helpful thing you can do to improve your dance is to dance! Let’s get the best for you… This service consists of a package of several private lessons tailored to your requirements; beginner, intermediate or advanced. Over the course of a number of lessons, dance with different professionals from our team and learn the secrets and tips that each one has to share.

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About the author: Organiser, Professional Dancer, Seller from A Coruña

Published: 27 Feb 2017 @ 23:34

Last modified: 25 Mar 2019 @ 11:14

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