Stumbled across this little photo today, the great Osvaldo Fresedo pictured at home aged 80. He lived another seven years, passing away on November 18, 1984. His nickname meaning “The Kid from La Paternal” which is the barrio in the centre of Buenos Aires he grew up in.

In the twenties, a one Carlos Di Sarli was one of his piano players until he went solo around the middle of 1928. Di Sarli though always held Fresedo in the highest respect and attributed to him the knowledge he gained in his time with Fresedo.

Pop quiz for NON-DJ’s (give the enthusiasts a chance colleagues!).

Name the famous and well-known song that Di Sarli wrote the music for and dedicated to Fresedo?

Clue: The most famous version is Di Sarli’s instrumental version from the forties. Although It was initially recorded including the lyrics by Fresedo in February 1928 with the famous Ernesto Fama. It was also recorded two months later by Juan Pacho Maglio with Carlos Vivan on vocals.

posted by: Anthony Cronin

About the author: DJ, Writer from Dublin

Published: 5 Apr 2018 @ 12:59

Last modified: 24 Mar 2019 @ 10:11

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