This is a beautiful example of the ‘classic’ tango photo, shot in the late afternoon light at the Mimos y Tango Encuentro Milonguero in Riva Del Garda, Italy. Dele has captured the dancers, pin sharp in the foreground, as they pause in a moment of intimacy, waiting for the music to move them onwards through the dance. It is our pleasure to feature Dele’s photo on Tangofolly!

We caught up with Dele to hear more:

I took the photo on Sunday, the last day of the weekend, late afternoon and the dancefloor was crowded. I suppose everyone, especially those who are ready to travel back home, were making the most of what was left of the weekend – lots of dancing, long tango goodbye kisses and embraces in between the dancing.

The camera?

Nikon D750 with 55-200mm lens for late afternoon outdoor lighting conditions, and artificial low light indoors with warm colour tone (yellow).


Pictured: Silvio Capuano

Photographer’s Album:

About the shoot: As part of the SHOOT! Featured tango photography project, our aim is to recognise the talent and skill of tango photographers around the world by presenting their favourite image on Tangofolly.

How to feature your photo: If you would like to feature an image on Tangofolly email Rita in the first instance.

Story posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Collaborating with: Dele As

Published: 9 May 2019 @ 09:13

Last modified: 24 Oct 2021 @ 05:57

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