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Day 1 Tango Alchemie IX Festival 2015

Once upon a time… In a land… Far, far away… Tangueros traveled from town and country to a fairytale city deep in the heart of Europe. In Praha they met for the Tango Alchemie Festival. This was a special time, the ninth, the end of a cycle, the last…

The music began in the ‘New Town Hall’, Novoměstská radnice, a beautiful, ancient building, steeped in the history of generations past. The old stone worn smooth by the feet of those who walked there, who struggled and fought for justice and freedom there, who died there and felt the elation of victory there. Built by Charles IV in 1348, Novoměstská radnice, witnessed the first Prague Defenestration in 1419, which marked the beginning of the Hussite movement. Throughout the years it has been cared for and built upon by its keepers. Today, it hosts cultural and social events and stands proudly overlooking the city of Prague with a 70m high gothic tower.

From the bowels of this ancient tower, the story of Tango Alchemie IX began.

Befitting the old wooden oak floor and magnificent beams meeting the 3 pillars that stood stoutly across the expanse, a Chacarera Folk Dance Class began with all the energy and vibrancy of its maestros, Alejandra Heredia and Mariano Otero.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the courtyard cafe, dancers began to gather together, entertained by singer, songwriter, Frederik Konradssen. His soulful tones floated amongst the crowd, setting the mood for an evening full of music and dance.

DJ Stefan Ok kicked off the festival in fine form as revelers stepped onto the floor in a steady, relaxed ebb and flow. There was time. Time for chatting with friends, finding a cosy spot amongst the tables and chairs around the edge of the great hall. Time. Time to enjoy the music and snuggle in to the delicious knowledge that there was still 4 whole days yet to come.

As the milonga grew to a pleasant fullness, proceedings paused for introductions and messages of warm welcome by the very gracious hostess, Jenne Magno. Each maestro took the floor in turn, caressed by the beautiful sounds of Frederik Konradssen on acoustic guitar.

And the music played on…

Later, maestros, Alejandra Heredia and Mariano Otero, demonstrated the Tango with impressive energy, strength and creativity. A wonderful expression of what ‘dance’ can be.

And the music played on…

The final tune played out and while some returned to their hotels and hostels, anticipating the next 4 days of festivities, others continued on at the cosy and relaxed afterparty with DJ Francesco Cieschi at La Loca, Mosaic House.

0600hrs. Dawn. Friday 19 June. Day 2 of Tango Alchemie IX crept in..

And the music played on…

Watch the show! Special Performance Tango Alchemie IX Festival 2015

Pen ‘n Ink: Rita Horne

Photographer: Okke Van Oudgaarden

Genre: Reviews

Story posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Collaborating with: Rita Maree Horne
Collaborating with: Tango Alchemie
Collaborating with: Jenne Magno

Published: 19 Jun 2015 @ 16:14

Last modified: 12 Mar 2021 @ 20:50

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