Day 2 of the Festival merged seemlessly from the sleeplessness of Day 1 as revelers wandered into Mosaic House, the festival meeting place.

And the music played on…

After a breakfast of tango music and a buffet of many a splendid thing it was time to wander slowly over to Novoměstská radnice for a relaxing afternoon of music, played out by DJ Analia La Rubia, and of course, dancing.

Festival people roamed the streets of Prague, popping in for a dance, stopping by for coffee at the Cafe Neustadt in the Novoměstská radnice courtyard, focusing on dance classes at the Goethe Institute and convening for long lunches with friends old and new. Then, quietly disappearing again for much needed afternoon naps in anticipation of the Misteriosa Masquerade to come.

And the music played on…

The evening’s entertainment came swiftly as the Slovansky dum, a modern festival hall nearby, filled with masked tangueros. Dress was interpreted industriously from the simplest of elegant masks all the way to full masquerade party dress. Fun!

The honorable DJ Francesco Cieschi belted out some awesome tunes from start to finish.

The renowned Orchesta Tipica Misteriosa Buenos Aires joined the party for 2 sets and wowed the crowd with their artistic rendition of the tunes we all know and love.

And the music played on…

The evening paused for a very special surprise performance by Alejandra Heredia and Mariano Otero. We met with Alejandra and Mariano later to learn more about Argentian Folklore.

The performance took us on a little journey through the countryside folklore dances of Argentina. Inspired by Molina Campos (Argentinian Folklore, Painter), Mariano’s family recently created a ballet with handmade oversized caricature masks. The play was a tiny piece of this beautiful dance in celebration of Argentinian culture.

Argentinian folklore dances all represent a similar story, a ‘conquer dance’. Gaucho finds shy girl, woos her and finally love is found. In this scene, the young couple, played by Mariano and Alejandra, meet at a river where the girl is washing clothes and so the story begins. This dance is called a ‘gato’ and is so called for its particular music and choreography.

The second dance, a ‘zamba’ is noted for the waving and twirling of scarves and the third an ‘escondido’ with more specific footwork and style.

Finally, in celebration, a Chacarera filled the floor from one end to the other.

And the music played on…

To the beating of the floorboards, the crowds welcomed Gaston Torelli and Mariana Dragone. Beautiful. Beautiful. A dance filled with all the passion that tango can be. Elegant, poised, finding the emotion in every part of every musical moment.

The milonga should have finished at 0300 but oh yes…

Back at Mosaic House, the afterparty continued to morning with music by DJ Semeon Kukormin.

Indeed, the music played on…

Watch the show! Special Performance Tango Alchemie IX Festival 2015

Pen ‘n Ink: Rita Horne

Photographer: Okke Van Oudgaarden

Story posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Collaborating with: Rita Maree Horne
Collaborating with: Okke van Oudgaarden
Collaborating with: Tango Alchemie

Published: 20 Jun 2015 @ 14:41

Last modified: 28 Dec 2022 @ 08:53

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