Day 2 - UK Tango Festival 2015

The second round of the Dance World Cup Preliminaries in London brought with it tears of joy and… disappointment… a salty reminiscing taste of relief and celebration …all the same, none spared. Backstage there was much anticipation, couples tiptoeing on an anxious knife edge, their ‘fate’ in the hands of 6 maestros waiting outside in the arena of tango community society. What would be, would be, and so it was.


Swiftly the festival moved on! Dancers spread their wings as the ronda whirled into motion, stepping to the rhythm set by the Tango DJ (Radio 2×4, Beunos Aires) Marcela Rojas himself. Delighting the crowd and lifting spirits all the way to the ceiling of the magnificent Edward Lumley Hall in Holborn, there was hours of dancing to follow. The milonga paused only to witness Student Performances by local Tango Academies, a celebratory Chacarera of festival revelers and at last, the much anticipated performance by Championship Judges, Demian Garcia & Fatima Vitale. Tango at its best.



The following couples danced for a place in the Final.


262 – Rosa Lorena de Miranda Serra and Jory Raimo Boelhouwers – Netherlands
263 – Joao Carlos David and Mirella van der Linden – Netherlands
264 – Charnay Mathieu and Julie Debrincat – France
268 – Piotr Wozniak and Ida Zagrzejewska – Poland
269 – Matteo Manferdini and Kat Gorna – England
270 – Mimi and Nikita – Germany
271 – Sophia Rodriguez and Jesus Rodriguez – Switzerland
272 – Andy Ong and Marika Maekelae – England



Judges scores declared the following couples go through to the Salon Tango Final:


263 – Joao Carlos David and Mirella van der Linden – Netherlands

262 – Rosa Lorena de Miranda Serra and Jory Raimo Boelhouwers – Netherlands

270 – Mimi Hirsch and Nikita Gerdt – Germany

269 – Matteo Manferdini and Kat Gorna – England


The grand finale awaits..



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posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 7 Jun 2015 @ 15:32

Last modified: 24 Mar 2019 @ 10:41

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Day 2 - UK Tango Festival 2015
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