The last day of the festival arrived quietly, slipping in through ‘the back door’ and washing its laziness over sleeping tangueros. After a short respite, classes and strolls through the epically beautiful city of Prague, the afternoon milonga began down by the river in an open air pavilion. As the sun set over Zofin Garden, an island just off the banks of the Vltava River, DJ Maria Mondino romanced festival goers.

And so the music played on…

After final speeches, everyone moved on to meet DJ Semeon Kukormin back at Klub Lavka for the last of 4 days of warm embraces and scrambles for last tandas.

And so the music played on…

Mattias Facio and Gaston Torelli entertained everyone with a demonstration of their skills in the following department. Frankly, the performance of the festival. Spontaneous, cheeky, daring and flirtatious. Yet another celebration of not just tango…but the joy of dancing!

Still the music played… softly softly…

This is what this festival has been all about. An acknowledgement of our ‘community’ that reaches beyond our local milongas and stretches all the way around the world. A celebration of tango in all its forms, emotions, styles, interpretations… Tango Alchemie explores tango, telling its story with an enthusiasm and open minded curiosity that takes you on a journey back from where you came and then all the way forward into the future. A release.

The ninth has passed. The circle complete. Tango Alchemie IX is the last.

And yet… No it can’t be…. Perhaps it is the ancient stones of Praha that whisper as you pass through the quiet streets… weary but content…

‘See you soon Tanguera. See you soon.’

Silence… The music has gone…

Watch the show! Special Performance Tango Alchemie IX Festival 2015

Pen ‘n Ink: Rita Horne

Photographer: Marcel Kanter


Story posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Collaborating with: Rita Maree Horne
Collaborating with: Tango Alchemie
Collaborating with: Jenne Magno

Published: 22 Jun 2015 @ 21:52

Last modified: 28 Dec 2022 @ 08:56

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