Find your Balance and Keep it!

I have been talking to different Tango dancers about what it is their #1 Tango pain…
80% of them—leaders and followers—put BALANCE as number ONE.

So I came up with the 7 on 1 Balance Challenge

Here you have it guys 7 exercises on each leg.
Repeat each exercise 8-10 times, for example, 8 circles before you change to pedaling arms.
Try not to stop in between the exercises, go all the way through smoothly going from one exercise to the next. If you lose your balance, you can get some help from the free leg and the floor…You know… hop or tap your way back on the leg you were standing on. Just try not to stop completely.

A warm up is supposed to get the body READY for our dance or our workout, and this routine does exactly that!
It prepares you mentally, bodily and gets you ready to move.

You can even do with light weights if you like, if you want to give yourself a bit of an extra challenge. Just be careful not to overdo it, usually somewhere around 1/3 of what you use during your workout is good for this challenge if you want to use it warm-up for your workout. For example, if you use 25pound weights, then you can use 8pound weights here.

When it comes tango technique practice, you have two options either to repeat what you have done in your group/ private class– which will also do the job or you can get really creative and find alternative ways to put some Tango in your everyday life.

I would to love to hear your comments, thoughts, questions and suggestions!
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Story posted by: Chrisa Assis

About the author: Dance Teacher, Professional Dancer, Writer from Toronto

Published: 15 Mar 2017 @ 12:24

Last modified: 25 Mar 2019 @ 10:38

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Find your Balance and Keep it!
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