This is the third year running for Frankfurt Tango Marathon and this third edition was absolutely as good as the first. Managed by a small, passionate team of organisers and volunteers who go out of their way, unconditionally, to deliver a weekend full to the brim with all a dancer could possibly wish for.

The event is ‘not-for-profit’ and it is remarkable how this little bit of extra cash makes SUCH a difference to the overall. The joy comes with the little things, the finest details that make the whole weekend such a pleasant experience.

There is an orange press with freshly squeezed orange juice ‘on tap’ and two nespresso coffee machines with an array of coffee to choose from. Every meal was served with carefully selected red and white table wine. The menu each day is to restaurant standard. Italian ‘homemade’ with delicious choices for vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. In fact, I have never eaten so well.

The Italian cakes in the afternoon / early evening screamed ‘eat me!’ and the dancefloor almost cleared when cool, refreshing spritz was served.

Frankfurt Tango Marathon 2017

There was a bar with all manner of beers, wines and sparkling wines at very affordable prices and plenty of free, self-served fresh lime, lemon and mint infused water.

The venue, Instituto Cervantes, in central Frankfurt, did it’s job with true German practicality. Usually this modern contemporary building is a center for arts, exhibitions, corporate events and social occasions. The foyer is spacious with a secure cloakroom, a restaurant with large benches and tables, a bar and nearby, various clothes and shoe stalls.

We danced all weekend on a large wooden floor with huge french doors out to a sunny terrace overlooking a grassy park with trees. The weather was perfect this year so the garden provided cool places to relax and socialise without ‘leaving’ the music and marathon atmosphere. I particlarly loved this element.

Getting to the marathon is really easy. There are plenty of affordable places to stay in the surrounding area. It’s just a 20/30min train ride straight in from the airport and of course, if you are lucky enough to live in Europe, you have a huge choice of international trains connecting you with the city.

The DJ line-up was diverse and experienced providing something for everyone day and night. As I frequent marathons more and more I have begun to really appreciate the impact this delicate element has on the ebb and flow of dancers’ emotions and energy levels. The order of musical attitudes, tone and DJ style masterminds the transition for dancers from day to night, day 1 to day 3 and from first tanda to very last dance. Paolo and the team really got this right.

The culture on the dancefloor was curious, adventurous, genuinely friendly and swirling with the ‘tango’ community spirit we all love to dance in. The level of dancing? Intermediate to advanced without a clique or ‘it’ crowd in site. The organising team found time to jump in and dance with us, to share embraces and enjoy the music too.

Frankfurt Tango Marathon 2017

This is an excellent marathon, ticking many ‘deal-breaker’ boxes with ease.

As Paolo declared in jest during final speeches, you certainly cannot beat ‘German engineering and Italian food’. This combined with wonderful hosts and such a warm, buzzy crowd of dancers makes for a memorable weekend of tango.

Long may the magic of Frankfurt Tango Marathon continue!


Special thanks to our Folly Crew Tango Photographer, Magdalena Smolarska. See more photos from Magadalena on her biography tagged here or via her website: Magdalena Smolarska Photography

View the event: Frankfurt Tango Marathon 2017

posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 21 Jun 2017 @ 10:43

Last modified: 28 Dec 2022 @ 09:48

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