There’s a reason why we keep coming back year after year. In Sweden we celebrate Midsummer around this time of the year, which is the biggest and the best feast and family reunion of the year. La Cita de Los Amigos is exactly that. Midsummer of Tango.

1. Family

2. Love

3. Comida y cerveza

We arrive in Spa on Friday afternoon, greeted by the serene atmosphere and warm blessing of the sun. Some head directly to the Thermal Baths on top of the Radisson Hotel. Others get changed and head to the venue where the DJ starts playing at 6pm. As usual food is served as of 8pm and we choose our preferred timing. It’s a smart organisational touch that helps to keep the queue short. (This was though left out on Saturday which caused a humongous line of hungry people in one go).

Magical Venue

Enter and breath. Centre Culturel de Spa, a glorious historical ballroom from 1750. An outdoors balcony with custom made dance floor for the afternoon dancing.

For those of us staying at the Radisson Hotel, the venue is within 3 minutes walking distance. Or 10 minutes in the early morning when the birds start chirping and our feet take longer to feel the ground.

There are several moments when you wake up from your tango haze, look around. Take it all in and have to pinch yourself. Is it a dream or am I really there?

DJs & Dance

Other than the house DJs Jens-Ingo, Benedicte and Jonas a nice mix of DJs filled the dance floors with amazing dancers day and night:

Myriam Alarcon, Montpellier

Age Akkerman, Amsterdam

Karolina Tk, Łódź

Theo Chatzipetros, Florence

Bachar Bitar, Siegen

Saturday we simply couldn’t stop dancing outside. Some of us had planned to go the the Spa, but how could we leave the dance floor? Instead we danced until dinner was served. Had a good meal and then went to rest and freshen up for the grand night. However for some others, the entire day of joy was fulfilling enough. And so the dance floor was therefore bit more airy on Saturday night.

The moments

A good mix of laughing with old friends and making new friends.

The moment we smiled and applauded most was at the traditional group picture when the two armor-bearers Jean-Pierre Bataille and Claude Chen brought out their “canons”. Every year they manage to capture the growing group and the precious connections. We applauded with immense gratitude as we saw the entire La Cita team of helpers gather up together.

The moment we got completely mushy and emotional was when Benedicte’s daughter danced her birthday vals.

The moment we got crazy and danced to YMCA and Michael Jackson – well, a little bit every day.

La Cita de Los Amigos is simply a taste of heaven. Once we know what it’s like, we can’t stop dreaming about the next time.

PS: Next summer edition JB & BB may consider integrating some Swedish Knäckebröd. In consultation with grand master chef Augusto of course – who once again outdid himself.


More from La Cita de Los Amigos 9th edition -and 1st Spa edition- here by artists:


Chongrak SavisaDay Time La Cita  /  Night Time La Cita 

Roberto SZLa Cita

Bobbo HallengrenLa Cita


Jean-Pierre Bataille:

Welcome Amigos – Thursday pre-party

Once upon a Friday – 9th edition of La Cita

Saturday Tango Follies

Sunday (Coming soon)

Claude Chen:

(Coming soon)

More artists creations will be updated here as they are published. 

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Published: 14 Nov 2017 @ 19:52

Last modified: 3 Dec 2022 @ 18:14

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