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Argentine Tango Online Video MasterCourse
Argentine Tango Online Video MasterCourse

Designed for ambitious tango students of both roles and all levels, the MasterCourse is a comprehensive curriculum covering the technique and variations of the 25 Elements in 16 video sessions.

What are the Elements?

Until the mid-1990s, tango was understood in groups of steps, or sequences. The Cochabamba Investigation Group analyzed tango and identified the basic Elements, from which dancers can compose.

There are 25 distinct tango Elements (see the Lexicon), each with a number of variations ranging from 5-100.

The technique for each Element is consistent across its variations. Once we know the Element’s necessary technique and its systems of variations we have a huge vocabulary at our disposal to which we can apply various dynamics for rich musical expression.

Dancing from the Elements empowers dancers to increase their vocabulary, challenge partners to maintain intense concentration, and use space skillfully for better floorcraft. Improvisation skills are essential to navigating crowded dance floors and dancing on diverse music.


Regardless of which “style” of tango you prefer, all Argentine Tango relies on the same skills.

We distilled technique to a memorable set of just 5 Tools. The 5 Biomechanical Tools enable you to diagnose problems, analyze movements to learn from any teacher or video, and help fellow dancers.

To create our technique we studied and analyzed every tango movement to understand its biomechanics. The accuracy of our explanations has been validated by two physiologists.

By describing motion in terms of position and action of joints and contraction of muscles, we can give direct and clear instructions for sublime connection, balance, clear communication, and fluid movement.

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Argentine Tango Online Video MasterCourse
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