Giuseppe loves listening to all tango music, from the beginning to the present; as DJ, he prefers the “Golden years” of tango but carefully follows the atmosphere and the situation of the dance floor and, if the atmosphere of the milonga so requires, does not mind some excursions into Guardia Vieja.

In the recent years he was a regular DJ at nearly all of the milongas in Rome.He is the resident DJ at La Milonga del Barrio.

Giuseppe was invited to DJ at the following special evenings marathons, encuentros and festivals: Buenos Aires (Confiteria Ideal, Salon Canning – Porteño y Bailarin, Practica 10, La Baldosa, Zona Tango, Unitango Independencia) Amsterdam, Athens, Belgrade, Beirut, Bergen, Cracow, Creta, Cyprus, Dubai, Dublin, Helsinki, Istanbul, Izmir, Lillehammer, Lodz, Minsk, Moscow, Nicosia, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Riga, San Petersburg, Stockholm, Strasbourg, Tallinn, Tel Aviv, Vienna , Vilnius, Zagreb, Warsaw and Italy: Bari, Catania, Cosenza, Latina, Naples, Perugia, Rome, Sorrento, and more.


I’m an Italian living in Paris for five years, and I’m pretty happy about it. There were important moments in my life that have influenced my musical tastes: the lullaby sung by my mom, the song that reminded me the first girl that I loved and that one from the girl who left me; the popular music of my brother’s orquestra, where I played for the first time; the first time I touched a piano and guitar; some memories from conservatory; the teacher from the jazz school and my compagnions; a classical singer heard on the street; the discovery of Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Di Sarli… All that is what I try to transmit during the evening. I always try to make a party!


He started his dance carrier in 1993 at METU Ballroom Dance Club. He taught and organized events in Ballroom Dancing until 1999. In the year 2000, he met Metin Yazir and started tango. He taught and organized numerous events for Bailatango Organization between 2000 and 2001 in Syracuse, New York and between 2001 and 2007 in Boston. Some of these events are “Boston meets New York I-II,” “Boston Montreal Tango Days,” “Buenos Aires Tango Connection” and many more. He is also one of the founders of MIT Tango Club at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Besides teaching and organizing, he has DJed in many milongas and festivals both in Turkey and in USA. He returned to Turkey in 2007 and since then he has been teaching at Latino Dance Studio in Ankara and sharing his music both in local milongas and international events.

MARCELO ALMIRON / Buenos Aires / Warsaw

He is an active tango dancer since 1990. He has been a dj since 2002 in many milongas in Buenos Aires and is a resident dj in the most important milongas in Poland, from where he is resident last 5 years. He has also dj’d at many international festivals and marathons and a popular guest dj in milongas around Europe. His favourite orchestras are: Francisco Canaro, Juan D’Arienzo, Francisco Lomuto, Tipica Victor and Enrique Rodriguez, Demare, Calo.

His style is traditional but very personal: “I like tandas with orquestas from 30’s and 40’s and some from late 40’s and 50’s. There are no rules during my dj sets. Only the flow and energy of the floor are important!”


Over fifteen years of dancing, teaching and promoting tango in Poland. A tango organiser, teacher, double bass player, sometimes even a singer and also a sound imitator for movies. Musician of Furor de Tango, polish tango group.

“I love tango music for the pulse that defines it, my favourite orchestras are those who bond intricate and soft violins with rhytmical energy of bandoneons. All the tangos I play, have to be emotionally engaging, sometimes maybe even challenging, but all of them with that magic pulse that won’t let you stay uninvolved. I technically started tango from the dj side of the console in 1999 as equipment failed at Warsaw’s first milonga venue, and I came to save the evening with my portable cd player. All the years since, tango took over my life and made me travel around to learn and later to share it with people.”


“I have been living in Paris for 2 years now. I started dj’ing there in 2013, and have also travelled in Europe since then. I feel grateful whenever I have the pleasure of playing music. It makes me feel like I dance with everybody at once. I’m totally in love with tango of course. What I particulary love about it, is the fact that the diversity of the music and the periods in Tango give us the opportunity to create a wonderful diversity of emotions.”

View the event: Tango Secreto Encuentro Milonguero

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