“Conditioning is something that happens to you when you built, refine and imprint a skill” Bill Boomer

You don’t need a six- pack to get your ochos to be steady, secure and effortless.

What you do NEED is proper stress-free alignment, and timely coordination between the upper and the lower body, ESPECIALLY during a rotation.

This drill works exactly on THAT!
It makes your whole body work in a united, efficient way.
Add this routine at the end of your workout in the gym or do it at home, aiming for controlled, smooth, flow-y  movement and NOT just a high number of reps..!

Sometimes, especially when we are doing something for too long we can’t distinguish any differences between the rules that run in our mind and the movement our body is creating. We know something is wrong but we can’t figure out what it is,  we only feel tensed and uncomfortable.

THAT is why Tango drills are not enough!
Challenge your body and your mind, having as a primary goal, NOT strengthening your core BUT embodying the Tango rules about rotation.

Story posted by: Chrisa Assis

About the author: Professional Dancer, Teacher, Writer from Toronto

Published: 2 Mar 2018 @ 14:03

Last modified: 25 Mar 2019 @ 12:10

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