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Online Tango Education, since 2014
Introduction to the TangoForge Digital School

Dear Dancers,

As a teacher I have always believed that students need precise biomechanical instruction, a comprehensive understanding of how tango works, and lots of solo practice. It was clear that too much tango education consisted of disempowering sequences promptly forgotten, claims to authenticity, incomplete information, and mystification.

In 2014 I started building digital online tools to provide scientifically sound and complete education, vetted by professionals in biomechanics.

First I built a hyperlinked encyclopedia of tango, the KnowledgeBase.  Then we built an Exercise Center with anatomical diagrams and video exercises to train the most important muscles. Then we created Home Solo Practice video courses, to provide structure for home training, for both roles and pairs. Finally in 2018 we completed our comprehensive MasterCourse which covers the 25 Elements of Tango in 10 hours of video, including the systems for finding each element’s variations and the exact technique  for perfect communication and sublime connection in every embrace. The MasterCourse enables students to take responsibility for their tango education, understand tango, rather than just going from one sequence to the next with no overview.

I am so thrilled that now people are finally accepting that there is work and learning to do at home on your own, and there is no need to wait for the next partner to be in your arms to improve your tango.

The TangoForge Digital School’s systematic and empowering pedagogy for online learning is at your service.

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