Our magestic Djs - Paolo Si

We represent another DJ from our cool team!
This is a holiday person, a positive human – Paolo Si!!!
He will create a mood on the dance floor before the New Year on December 31 at the evening milonga!
Each of our DJs has their own story of meeting with tango:
«I have been dancing tango since 1997, it seems yesterday when Mariella, in exile from Argentina’s military regime, waved to me from the open door in the abandoned docks of the port of Geneva. I liked it so much that I soon went to Buenos Aires! There I got shocked and absorbed by the tango life style. I took all the classes I could, went to practicas and milongas every night. At times I didn’t see any sunlight!»
The first experience of perceiving dancing and DJing tango Paolo received at the milongas in Argentina:
«DJing wasn’t a problem, almost everywhere we listened to a set of the same or very similar tandas. For each tanda the same director, the same character and mood. And beautiful music choosen by generations of dancers. I admired how milongueros could feel the pauses, choose the accents, follow the musical games. Listening to the same music allowed us, with time, to recognise it, anticipate it and interpret it.
When in Europe and Russia, I noticed that many dancers didn’t know tango music well, to them any music was more or less the same, they even found it easier to dance tango steps with the monotonous rhythm of disco or pop music. Any simple 4 tact rhythm would go. DJs ignored the standard tandas I was used to recognise, they tried out very unusual music and mixed most tandas often in a very strange way, as if they had it the random button.
Therefore I decided to start DJing, to propose the music of the traditional milongas in Buenos Aires, and showing that it is not boring at all! On the contrary, it is possible to propose a wide spectrum of emotions, be funny, neutral, loving, sad, even desperate to re-emerge with hope and determination, and all with classical traditional tango, well known in Buenos Aires!»
In anticipation of Magic Tango Moments and the new 2020 year, Paolo dreams of:
«New Year’s eve is for me a moment of recollection and projection into the future. I’m dreaming of playing a tanda which concentrates both past and future of tango! And still classical!»
We invite you to enjoy the tango celebration at our milongas with an incredible team of DJs!

View the event: Magic Tango Moments Marathon Saint-Petersburg 2019-2020

Story posted by: Maxim Mogil

About the author: Event Organiser from St Petersburg

Published: 24 Nov 2019 @ 00:55

Last modified: 26 Nov 2019 @ 08:11

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Our magestic Djs - Paolo Si
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