I am Danae,  a 4th year undergraduate opera singing student at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. I have always loved tango and could feel and hear it everywhere, in so many kinds of music. So I decided to run a project for college exclusively dedicated to tango, based on ‘Rose Tango’, a piece I composed myself. Here are some more details:
In terms of ”Rose Tango”, I decided to take advantage of the university module ‘Engaging Audiences’, which aims to teach music students how to promote themselves. I am studying at Trinity Laban Conservatoire aiming to be an opera singer. But I am also a pianist and I have been composing and writing lyrics for my own music for more than 10 years, and I enjoy performing my pieces.
I thought that using Rose Tango to make a good music video, then promote it on youtube and anywhere on the web possible might be a good start just a bit before my graduation, plus it will give the opportunity to all participants (conductor, orchestra, choreographer, dancers, sound and video engineers) to show their work to the market through an original and collaborative piece of work.
The song is scored for:

Cor Anglais
Alto Saxophone

Bass Trumpet


Violin (I & II)
Double Bass

The influences are many (Argentine and French tango, tango nuevo, South American exotica, salsa, opera-mainly Mozart’s dramatic cadences- cabaret, Greek music of Asia Minor, Frank Sinatra, Carlos Gardel, Claudio Villa, Astor Piazzola,Yma Sumac and lots more) and the music video will be a tribute to ideal, unrequited love. The scenario is very much influenced by 50’s cinema and the tragic operatic librettos.

The rehearsals with Trinity College Orchestra will take place in February and then, from the 1st of March (if not ready from the 22nd of February) to the 15th of March, we will pick a day to record and video capture some moments of the orchestra playing and use some scenes from the day in the final video.

 I am in great need of a professional harmonica player (paid pos.) and maybe a bandoneon student who would be interested in getting some experience as a second bandoneonist. Also lacking a  few string players at the moment-anyone interested in recording for free? The College is not supporting the project financially.

Thank you so much! Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Best wishes,

Story posted by: Danae Komodromou

About the author: Musician, Professional Dancer, Singer, Teacher from

Published: 24 Jan 2016 @ 15:01

Last modified: 25 Mar 2019 @ 13:00

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