Send Jim to Argentina for his 100th!!!
James McManus tango aged 98(1)

Hi All!!

Our very own milonguero James (Jim) McManus is not far off the amazing milestone of 100 years of age.

Jim, of Waterford Tango, has quite the history, having travelled the world as a Marine, playing a key role in World War II and all his experiences are unrepeatable and unique, as is our very own Jim. However, although at the heart of Waterford Tango, and supporting as many events countrywide and dancing other forms e.g ballroom, jive etc. The one thing Jim has never done is dance tango in Buenos Aires.

We at Waterford Tango have an idea. We have set up a gofundit page to raise money among the tango communities to send Jim to Argentina on a luxurious holiday to celebrate this momentous milestone and we’re hoping that we get the full support from tango communities around Ireland and the rest of the tango world in encouraging and promoting donations to raise as much money as possible to fund this for Jim.

Monies raised will pay for approximately 10 days including: Flights including one stop both ways, Accomodation with full board, milonga fees for the full trip, medical expenses and his spending money. Jim will actually turn 100 in January 2020 but we plan to send him early 2019 whilst his health is still exceptional and also he wants to be in Waterford for his actual 100th birthday

If we raise more than the amount it will go towards this massive 100th birthday party for which the world of Tango is extremely welcome to be part of. I have attached a link to our gofundme page to help share or donate and this can also be seen on our Waterford tango facebook page.

This gentleman is an inspiration to our community and others around the country. He is the kind of gentleman who is unrepeatable…. With the most unique and young minded sense of humour, yet, his kindness and gentility shine through as he turns up to class without fail bringing a bottle of ginger beer for our maestro Hernán Catvin. At milongas Jim dances with every lady in the room and known to favour the stylish milonga, in which he rarely repeats steps as he has so much experience on the dance floor.

We love this gentleman. he is a great advocate for himself, our Waterford Tango community and the tango world!!!!

We really ask that this story becomes the tribute Jim deserves. There has been so much interest in this story that there has even been an offer to make a documentary of his story and his travels in Buenos Aires.

We love You Jim!!!

Lets Do This!!!!


Story posted by: Tara Bohan

About the author: Social Dancer from Waterford

Published: 4 Apr 2018 @ 21:47

Last modified: 24 Jan 2020 @ 08:42

Comments (5)

Anthony Cronin commented:
Posted 5 Apr 2018 @ 12:54 | Last modified 8 Jun 2019 @ 09:40 | View and share
Send Jim to Argentina for his 100th!!!
Tara Bohan (Author) replied:
Thankyou!!! For all your help Anthony.xx
Posted 6 Apr 2018 @ 15:23 | Last modified 8 Jun 2019 @ 09:51 | View and share
Rita Maree Horne commented:
Love it! Best birthday present ever.
Posted 5 Apr 2018 @ 23:48 | Last modified 8 Jun 2019 @ 09:44 | View and share
Send Jim to Argentina for his 100th!!!
Tara Bohan (Author) replied:
Thankyou Rita….
Posted 6 Apr 2018 @ 15:24 | Last modified 8 Jun 2019 @ 09:51 | View and share
Rita Maree Horne commented:
Jim has made it to the World Tango Championships, all the way from Ireland, and competed in the first round! Congratulations Jim. Herein, the write up in the BA Times:
Posted 16 Aug 2019 @ 17:04 | Last modified 16 Aug 2019 @ 17:04 | View and share
Send Jim to Argentina for his 100th!!!
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