Maria and Nazar are tango teachers living and working in Warsaw who are working closely together with friends in Ukraine to bring in necessary supplies. This from Nazar:

“We are organising to help Ukraine from Poland (for now from Warsaw).”

What are we doing?

1) We are organizing a direct chain from Warsaw to people we personally know and trust in Ukraine. Hand to hand chain for specific needs.

2) We have already organized 2 SUVs and one Peugeot Boxer supplier with a ramp and we can drive from Warsaw supply to people under the border who will transport to Ukraine in various ways. There are still others willing to help with transport from Warsaw, the list keeps increasing.

3) Anyone willing to help, can write to me or to Maria Kraft about what they can bring, buy, do (transportation will also be useful), we will make a list of what we can and coordinate when needed.

4) We are collecting medicines needed on the front. There are a lot of prescription drugs, but there is also some that you can buy in the pharmacy. Here is what we desperately need right now:

• External fixation system – Stryker x 100
• External fixation system – Ilizzrov x 15
• Medical clamps x 200
• Needle holder x 200
• Coagulator x 100
• Orthopedic drills x 50
• Dermatome x 50
• Hydrogel absorbent sheet x 100
• Gipsum 15 x 2000
• Gipsum 20 x 2000
• Gauze bandage x 4000
• Elastic bandage x 500
• Stockinet 3M 5 x 1000
• Stockinet 3M 7.5 x 1000
• Stockinet 3M 10 x 1000
• Hemostatic turniquet x 500
• Israeli bandage x 1000
• Occlusive bandage x 1000

5) I have contact with a very trusted person from territorial defense in Lviv. He writes to me what is needed and we are looking for it here. For now, a huge demand for territorial defense without which they can’t send volunteers to fight is Walky Talky (shortwaves). But only specific models. These are:

Motorola DP 4400 -100pcs +
Motorola DP 4600 -40pcs +
Motorola DP 4800 -20pcs +
Motorola TRKL 80th anniversary

6) If you want financial support submit your private accounts:

PLN Account Owner: Nazaria Mikhalyk , mBank
37 1140 2004 0000 3502 7630 6959
Euro Account Holder: Nazarii Mikhalyk
SWIFT code of the bank (BIC code): BREXPLPWMBK
PL 48 1140 2004 0000 3212 0955 8943

Who are we ?

Me and my wife Maria Kraft we are physical individuals, we are not any institution and we organize everything directly. On the Ukraine side, our friends will do a full report on what, where it went and we will share here. Everything documented with photos how they will receive what and when. We will do our best to make sure everyone who joined in see where she went to help him. We will be calculated from each zlot (how much we received, how much we went and for what)

We are proud of Poles, Ukrainians and everyone who is helping at this moment!

On Friday we were in Medyka, picking up part of our family from the transition between Ukraine and Poland: Mother, sister and her small children (2 and 5 years old). What we have been through is support and that spirit of help.. wings and I assure you that together we can make it!

Glory to Ukraine and Poland and everyone who helps and supports!

We hug you.

Nazar Mikhalyk and Maria Kraft

Information source:

Posted on behalf of Nazar in support. Keep updated and get in touch with Nazar directly if you have any questions or can help:
Imagery owned by Nazar and Maria on location in Warsaw.

Do you have information to share?

We want to share as much useful (and verified) information about the Ukraine support effort as we can so if you know someone who might need or want help with spreading the word please get in touch with Rita or just simply post a story choosing ‘Ukraine’ as the thread.

Story posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 2 Mar 2022 @ 10:31

Last modified: 2 Mar 2022 @ 13:16

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