Tango Embrace – Are you keeping your end of the deal?

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Tango Embrace – Are you keeping your end of the deal?

When someone like Gary Vee goes Live on Instagram this happens:
He gets: 3144 people watching…and comments like: “Sorry but Gary crushes Tai. He is not selling you any packages. He is giving you all this for free”
When I do it… I get my best friend sending me  little hearts and saying: “Ooooh! Nice hair..!

Clearly, there is a lot of work to be done..! hahaha

I still though got to chat with people about Tango, the embrace, what makes a good dance for them and how they know that the other person is enjoying the tanda with them…
How does magic feel like to you?
Here are some responses that I found interesting:

“It feels like falling in love”
“You are dancing and you feel you can trust the other person”
“I know from the first step. If they are moving with me. If there is motion, breath in the body instead of their body being silent, stiff.”

Now the question is how can you become THAT person?

I was trying to find good ways to ensure that when I go on the dance floor I can be THAT dancer. I can offer an embrace, a connection like the described above… This is what came up with…
FB LIVE Practice on Connection

Now your turn…
Please don’t tell me you just show up in a milonga, dance only with your friends and then walk out because that is just depressing…

So how can you become the dancer other dancers trust.?
How would you go from a stiff and silent to a vibrant and active embrace?
And how can you fully engage in your dance without being over the top and all over the place and if so how do you that?

Leave me a comment below, I want to hear what you are doing to become THAT dancer!


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Vladana Putnik commented:

Hi Chrisa These are some crucial and complex questions. Personally, I think not everyone wants to become THAT dancer, some of them just don’t care. I do, so I constantly ask myself am I getting better. One of the most important things is the feedback. You practice, you go to milongas, and in the beginning you dance with the people you know. But in time, you improve and more people want to dance with you, not because you are a nice looking person (maybe some do), but because they enjoy dancing with you. However, I find people have various points of view on what a good embrace is, or technique… so this is very elusive and personal. Some people may find my embrace wonderful, others may not. So how to be sure you are going in the right direction? Another interesting fact is that I tend to become a completely different dancer with each partner. I think that being adaptive can also play an important role in this journey. And finally, how do I recognize THAT dancer in my partners? Well, the embrace is the first thing, but also musicality and emotion… but I could write an entire essay for each question 🙂 – Read
Comment | Vladana Putnik | 8 Sep 2017

Chrisa Assis (Author) commented:

Hi Vladana, So nice to hear from you! One of the things I find motivating in Tango is this very thing..Figuring things out, through chatting, through dancing, through “failing”…haha That might sound strange but it looks like I am not the only one! Right? Tango has been a bumpy road for me, as for everyone I think, but at the present moment I have come to understand that it is impossible to satisfy everyone. Every person you dance with will react differently, if therefore we practice in order to become the best partner for everyone we will lose! But if we focus on becoming OUR best partner first then we can reach a lot more people who are there not for the best Tango dance but share a unique experience.. and though this might sound selfish, it is a place that I feel that I can share more, I can adapt more, I can listen more… – Read
Comment | Chrisa Assis | 8 Sep 2017

Vladana Putnik commented:

Yes, I completely agree with you Tango is really complex and we all had our crisis and doubts… I guess it is a normal part of evolving in tango. You say it is impossible to satisfy everyone, well I can only add not everyone is able to satisfy us And this is also the richness of tango. Anyway, great thoughts and greetings from Belgrade, Serbia – Read
Comment | Vladana Putnik | 10 Sep 2017

Chrisa Assis (Author) commented:

It is like the announcements on the planes: “In case of an emergency place the oxygene mask first on yourself before you help others…!” hahaha Best of wishes from Toronto! – Read
Comment | Chrisa Assis | 11 Sep 2017
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