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Tango Friends Meeting (TFM) 3rd Edition 2015 In Review

TFM in Mouscron is a special event in Belgium. It is a mix of family atmosphere and tando dedication. From Friday night to Sunday, dancers from several countries meet to dance in an old post office renovated by Greg and Véro.
The two organizers usualy host milongas during the public holidays. Since last year, twice a year, they also organise the Tango Friends Meetings. The idea of the TFM is simple: dancers leaving in Belgium invite friends from abroad to share a tango week end.

Greg give a 3 steps description of the event:

“Tango Friends Meeting” ?

What’s that ?

It’s the missing link between Encuentros and Marathons.3 days of nice tango with friends, and “friends of friends”.

Why “Friends” ?

Because everyone has some friends abroad, who could not yet find the time to visit this spot in the world where tango & socializing get together.

For Christ sake ?

Because we like to welcome people from abroad, because we want to share our place with them, and eventually get the feeling we’re elsewhere while being at home…Tango Friends Meeting, the best way to bring your friends tangueros to this wonderful region

The place of the event was completely reworked and to give you a simple idea, you can imagine a cosy cafe terrace on the side of a dancefloor. The place keeps all the element of the old post office and integrates various musical and tango decoration as painting and various objects. The floor is a square and the quality is really nice to dance. During the event, the organizers didn’t hesitate to change some details as the position of the DJ (easy with a well designed DJ console with roads) and the chairs to reduce or to increase the size of the floor.

For this edition, there was the possibility to come only for one milonga. Each milonga received around 100 dancers mainly from Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. Several dancers come from further. You could recognize a lot of dancers going usually in El Corte (NL). The respect and the dances were really nice and it was also easy to dance with new dancers in this simple atmosphere.

Each time, Greg and Véro try to have half of Belgian DJ and half of foreigner DJ during the TFM. This time, we had a greater taste of the Belgium music with 3 DJs from Gent, Bruxelles and Mouscron. There was also a guest DJ from Roma, the Argentinian Horacio Quota. He gave a wonderful energy to the Saturday night. He creates a link with the dancers and also gave them energy through cortinas and strong tandas to dance until the end of the night.

On Sunday, in addition to the usual free snacks, some special food was prepared by all the team. We really enjoyed the surprises.

I also participated to the first edition of the TFM and each TFM was a great moment of tango. I can only recommend you to discover the place, the atmosphere, the people and all the surprises who are awaiting for the newcomers and the veteran TFM dancers. The registration for the next edition comes very soon :


3 days pass – 49 € (including drinking card of 5€)

Free water / coffee and tea


Brunch for people sleeping at the event location.

Bio carterer dinner on place (around 10€).

Different restaurants easy to reach from the event location.


Few places to sleep at the event location A lot of places to sleep at friends houses.

posted by: Mathieu Pageaux

About the author: Social Dancer from

Published: 14 Nov 2017 @ 20:05

Last modified: 10 Jan 2019 @ 08:41

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Tango Friends Meeting (TFM) 3rd Edition 2015 In Review
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