Remolino festival takes place in 2 different venues depending the number of people pre-registered. For the biggest milonga, Gracia Hall is changed in a old-style milonga place. When the number of participants is lower, the last floor of the Dnister hotel is the milonga place. The chooce of these 2 venues ensure you will not dance on a dancefloor too crowded and also not on an empty floor.

Gracia Hall
Why a old-style milonga place for Gracia Hall ? Because this place is basicaly a sport center. Does it remind you some well-known milonga ? But with the nice lights, the christmass decoration and the little round tables, you will forget this is a training place and not a reception place.

The place give a festive atmosphere and I think it is the best place to meet new dancers. You find dancers sitting and speaking at a table after a tanda when they just split in some situation. It is also easy to roam when you want to find the good spot to cabeceo the girl you want to dance with. Be careful, you can also loose this girl in some lost corners…

The floor of Gracia is just wonderfull. You turn without effort and your feet glide and stop at your convinience. You will regret this dancefloor during days and even regret it on the floor you usualy find greats.

The bad side of the Hall is the cold. With -15° outside and a big space to heat, when the milonga is still calm, you are shut waiting for a warm embrace. You will not see men rolled up their sleeves after dancing, but you will see girls regretting to put mini skirts. It is maybe a good point to encourage people to dance and don’t wait sitting.

Dnister Hotel
The last floor of Dnister is a panoramic bar with a big reception room. Once again the touch of the organizers is present with lights and real little christmas trees. The floor is good to dance but he will come for me after Gracia. But comparing with Gracia, this place is hot (sometimes too much ?). An air circulation system was also installed to help to have a good remperature in the room.

The problem of this place is the size. Sometimes it is too small and it is not so easy to move between the tandas. I lost tandas being on the bad side of the room. It was too late when I arrive in place to invite who I wanted. This year, a funny wall was painted and installed on the empty wall where leaders like to hold on when they don’t dance.

Dnister Hotel is also the place of the after parties. Additional sofas were installed at this moment and the dancefloor is cut. It is not the best for the circulation but the venue become very cozy.

If you can’t wait to be at the milonga places, you can also dance in the hall of the hotel. Unique tanda guaranted (just look how I. and A. are smiling :))) ). Or when no after party are organized, you can also dance at the bar (24h open).

posted by: Mathieu Pageaux

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Published: 14 Nov 2017 @ 20:02

Last modified: 10 Jan 2019 @ 08:46

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