Tango8 – Köln Tango Marathon 2016 to 2017 In Review

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Every last week end of August, Tango8 Köln offers a marathons which I consider as a little pearl. I didn’t miss an edition since 2014 and after all these years, I really think it is the best way to finish the summer season. You can dance all along the week end in a friendly and cosy atmosphere and also take the sun near the dancefloor(s) with a good feeling of summer holidays. After years, I have this kind of feeling to be home

Tango8 Köln Tango Marathon

I will for once begin with some comments on the participants because tango8 offers one of the most friendly crew I met. For sure, a lot of friends are regular participants but the organizers always let places for new people. Last edition I was really surprise the way new participants were received and quickly invited. The marathon is not so big so it helps. We are far from the 300 participants or more where you are just lost if you know nobody. But the number doesn’t explain everything. From the first edition, it seems that dancers are relaxed and peaceful.This feeling stay over the years and contribute to a good party.

Several little also give the good conditions to spend week end of dance. The marathon takes place in a factory building transformed since years as tango school. I like the way to transform the old building into a place dedicated to the tango. The venue offers a lot of space, sofas and chairs/tables to sit inside, various big tables to site outside (people mix and change on the tables all along the tandas) and also a lot of space to walk around. It is easy to relax and if it is sunny you can also have a foot bath in a kid swimming pool. The wooden dancefloor inside has a good size but it can get crowded when everybody is here. When it is the case, just talk a little and wait for the next tanda.

Tango8 Köln Tango Marathon

Music review will be short as I just remember the names of several DJ and don’t really remember how they play… For the last 2 years: Siobhan, Marion, Toufik, John, Siva, Greg, Ina, Jens,… Sorry if I don’t remember somes names.

The selection of DJ mix regional DJ we cross around Belgium/Nederlands/Germany and DJ from further countries. Each time there are a good balance of style and you can find what you like at one moment or another. An interesting element of the musical schedule is that Jens and Ina play each year on Friday’s opening and during Saturday dinner time/rest time. The guest DJ have also the best moment to play and they are safe from the situation to play when almost nobody is there.

Tango8 Köln Tango Marathon

Every year the marathon has a little extra. In 2016, a second dancefloor offers the possibility to dance outside all along the marathon. During the day, the sun was really strong and it was maybe not the best moment to dance there, except if you wait for some clouds. But at night, dancing outside with the heat of the summer, the lights and the little wind gave a wonderful feeling. Just the beach was missing…

Having a second floor offers a lot of space and allowed to dance as you want even during the crowded hours of the marathon. Just one thing, be careful, the dancefloor is quite high and if you dance without taking care of your line, you will fall on the ground or at the best on the flowers. For the edition of 2017, the outside dancefloor was still available

Tango8 Köln Tango Marathon

The surprise of 2017 was the addition of two free workshops of Argentinian folklore in the park near by. Dancers interested to have a little break with tango could try chacarera on Saturday and zamba on Sunday. With the nice weather, it was really pleasant to have these initiations bare feet in the grass. The marathon still continue during the folklore sessions. I am already wondering what the organizers are prepare for 2018…

Thank you Siva for the pictures. He is also a regular participant of this marathon. So, you can see his full album here

2016, part 1 – https://www.facebook.com/pg/sivakphoto/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1125777964150419

2016 part 2 – https://www.facebook.com/pg/sivakphoto/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1128392470555635

And  2017 – https://www.facebook.com/pg/sivakphoto/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1513511018710443


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