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The tango is a social and popular dance. Anyone can dance and have fun! Age, sex, social class and different body size don’t matter. The tango is for everyone.

In its beginnings and in the golden age of tango (1940-1950), there were no formal classes in tango. Over the years, especially after the military dictatorship, the tango was refined as dance. It evolved and became more technically demanding. Today, if you do not take tango lessons, it is very difficult to get to the “milonga” dancefloor. Knowing this, we must not forget those origins and remember that the most important thing is that Tango is a ballroom dance. An excuse for a night out. People mostly take it as a hobby, an entertainment and a way to meet people. This difference between amateur and professional people is very important to keep in mind when teaching beginners. Professional dancers are already motivated, encouraged or excited to learn. The professional dancer has a domain and body control in his/her movements.

If you are or will teach in the near future, you will find that most people who attend a beginner’s tango class are not professional dancers and come by: curiosity, because they like the music of tango, having seen a movie about dancing tango, for some friend, or because they are alone and want to meet people. These people are mostly practitioners or social dancers and are also mostly the people who dance in the milongas.

“Teaching Tango” is designed to cover the following elements:
Be accessible to all and for all.
Work motivation and then working at basic technical exercises that are acquired over time with persistence and repetition. Work at connecting with each other and with the group through perceptual exercises. Musical exercises.
This seminar aims to provide methodologies to introduce students to the Salon Tango tools. If later the student wants to deepen his/her dancing, then there is another method of teaching.

This class teaches an attractive and effective method aimed at all tango teachers, teachers from other ballroom dancing (ballroom dance) and advanced tango dancers who want to start teaching people to dance or who want to teach the tango as a social dance.

This workshop has the distinction of being practical. Couples are set by: TEACHER / STUDENT and any roles: LEADER / FOLLOWER.

Each “TEACHER” (person learning to teach tango) may attend to learn to teach as a follower or a leader or both!

Each “TEACHER” must bring with them to the class a “STUDENT” who is interested in learning tango or a tango beginner.

Partners, that is, each TEACHER and STUDENT, may be any combination of LEADER or FOLLOWER or both!

Through the method I teach, TEACHERS will be testing various exercises with their STUDENTS to reach visible, interactive results by checking with their STUDENT to see their enthusiasm and learning curve as they take their first dance steps.

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Teaching Tango Teachers with Eleonora Comelli
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