Music! I can’t think of anyone saying: “Bah… I don’t really like music..!” haha

Music makes our lives full!
When we are happy, we put the radio to full blast, sing at the top of our voice and dance in the rain
And when we are sad we cry to the music we love, we post sad songs on facebook and we dance out our despair.

Unforgettable moments are marked by music. Moments that make such a strong imprint in you that become part of you…
You don’t think of them, or even remember them but one spark is enough to bring them back to life..!


“I also think that creative work is essential to our survival(…) Otherwise, without a skilled means of communicating the depth of our feeling, we invite depression” Andrea–(Sensing, feeling and action. The experiential anatomy of Body Mind Centering)

The power of music!

This documentary I think made a strong imprint in me. Every time I am working with a group with dementia, or Alzheimer’s or even autism, I see THIS very documentary come to life.

I see the spark, the joy, the hope in people’s eyes!

That was one of the reasons I wanted to share this documentary with you today the other reason is a more dance-y reason…

Because it reveals that music is not just beat.
Music is memory, it is experience and when it connects with our inner rhythm it can give us an endless, effortless flow of movement. It can move us even when we thought there was really no hope..!

Sometimes Tango music seems foreign to us and difficult to understand. What is causing this feeling though?

The fact that we haven’t made it part of our lives.

We listen to Tango music only when we have our Tango-hat on, when we go to class, to a milonga or when we practice. Even if we listen to it while commuting we are still looking for something, steps, beats, pauses, clues… we don’t listen just for the fun of listening.

It is not therefore part of our lives, it isn’t part of us.

Try to make Tango music part of YOU.
Listen to it while living your life
Connect it to special moments and to absolutely regular moments.
Allow yourself to make it part of your daily experience

Enjoy and please if you loved this documentary, please share..!
I think I have never asked you to do this with anything, and I have no affiliation with the creators of the documentary or the producer but personally I find it is something worth sharing


P.S: I found this documentary with Spanish subtitles purely out of luck on youtube but this is the original team of creators: Alive Inside

P.P.S: You can bring this element in your practice too:

Story posted by: Chrisa Assis

About the author: Professional Dancer, Teacher, Writer from Toronto

Published: 28 Mar 2018 @ 13:18

Last modified: 25 Mar 2019 @ 10:55

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