The Finale. The last chapter in the story of the UK Tango Festival 2014.


Amidst the whirl of music by the wonderfully elegant DJ Naoko in the very beautiful Cecil Sharp House, the London Tango Community hosted the final day of the festival with good cheer, dancing and celebration.


First on the agenda was the small matter of a championship final. Introduced by Elizabeth Knock (Master of Ceremonies) both SALON and STAGE category contestants danced their final performances in turn and the crowd, almost in silence, watched as the very last steps met the floor to the final note of the tango music. It was over and there only remained the deliberation of the judges to agree, once and for all, the winners.


Congratulations to the winners and all those taking part!


Salon Tango Championships


Alex Barberi & Manuela Marce, Representing England, UK


Sophia Rodriguez & Jesus Rodriguez, Representing Switzerland


Stage Tango Championships


Jakub Grzybek & Patrycja Cisowska-Grzybek, Representing Poland


Kat Gorna & Benny Maslov, Representing England, UK


The End


Speeches and long lists of thank you’s, congratulations and best wishes were made all round. A final word from the Organiser in Chief, Luciano Brizzi:
“We are very pleased with this first edition of the festival that couldn’t have been done without all of you. We hope you enjoyed it and we are already beginning preparations for the next one. See you next year!”
The UK Tango Festival is over. The final tanda was called at 2250hrs and while warm embraces filled the room, new-found friends and old alike, reflected on the events of the past 3 days. We had learned a lot. About comradeship and competition and more things besides. But mostly we affirmed that the beautiful Argentine Tango, in all its styles, interpretations, expressions and emotions is… for anyone who… no.. lets not try to put it all in words. No more words. Who’s for the next milonga?!


Viva el tango!

posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 9 Jun 2014 @ 00:43

Last modified: 24 Mar 2019 @ 10:21

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