Until Forever: The Dark Silences of Argentine Tango

In Until Forever: The Dark Silences of Argentine Tango I drag the social scientist to the scene to enumerate the facts of the case, the mysterious force whose cycles of angst and redemption defy reckoning.

Paperback, Ebook, and Workbook available only at https://www.TangoForge.com/untilforever/.

Table of Contents
The Biomechanics of Unconditional Love
The Perfect Object: Partnership and Witness
Addiction: Beyond Endorphins
Code of Silence
Gender: The Fantasy becomes Very Real
Walking to hide the Holes in your Shoes: A Dance about Class
Race: An African Instrument, Typified by a German Instrument, Pride of a nation of Massacres
Economy of Patrimony
Crisis Normal
Industrializing a Transnational Culture
Selling Authenticity
Libertango: Legacy of Freedom

The book is accompanied by a workbook to assist dancers in fully assessing how tango affects our lives, and preparing to return with clarity about what dance we want to do.

“Absolutely the best tango writing I’ve ever read.” Brian Dunn, Dance of the Heart

“In one section of Until Forever there is a bulleted list of Tango Values. I made a copy of this list and taped it to my refrigerator. Almost every day I glance at this list and am reminded of how dancing tango has influenced my worldview. The political implications of the dance form became more clear. Indeed my capacity for thinking critically about social justice improved as a result of this book. The accompanying workbook helped me clarify what needs were being met and not being met via my tango community involvement. I feel more connected to the authentic sense of purpose and meaning that tango provides. Thank you, Vio for writing this book.” Josh Rychert, dancer

“I’ve been at the front of evolving tango controversy most of my dancer, DJ, and teaching career. This includes how we dance, what clothes we wear, the music we choose to dance to, gender and sexuality issues, or the codes of tango and the patriarchy behind it. Vio has a clear way of combining personal experience with thoughtful analysis that creates a road map for deeper understanding of the complexities of Argentine tango social dancing. With a very engaging style of writing it is both a scholarly dissertation and a page turner that will give the reader much needed contemporary insight.” Homer Ladas, TheOrganicTangoSchool.org

“An exquisite look into the world of tango. Fascinating… I keep re-reading.” Pablo Aslan, Tango Musician

Avoiding corporate publishers and retail, Paperback, Ebook, and Workbook available only at https://www.TangoForge.com/untilforever/.

Story posted by: TangoForge

About the author: Artist, Professional Dancer, Teacher, Writer from Berlin

Published: 13 Oct 2021 @ 09:17

Last modified: 14 Oct 2021 @ 11:04

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