A walk to the 2019 Compostela Tango Festival from the Cathedral of Santiago

Compostela Tango Club Association  is finalizing the details of the VII Tango Festival Compostela 2020. From now we begin to publish a definitive information about the 7th CTF 2020!

After successful attendance of the 6th edition VI Compostela Tango Festival with participants from almost all Spain and several countries, the CTF has established  .

We hope that the new edition of 2020 is even better if possible and have begun working to achieve it with all the enthusiasm of the first day and thanks to those who contributed since its inception in 2014, especially excited to have already left us. All we dedicate the success of last Festival.

In the VII Tango Festival 2020 we will have Compostela an international tango teachers Mastroti SELVA MARCELO RAMER!

DJs: Maria Angeles  Iglesias (Argentina), Carmen Villafuerte (Seville, Spain), Jose Guilherme (Oporto, Portugal) and Magin López (Lugo, Spain)

View the event: International VII Compostela Tango Festival Februry 7 to 9th 2020, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

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About the author: Organiser from Santiago de Compostela

Published: 4 Oct 2019 @ 17:30

Last modified: 22 Oct 2019 @ 16:37

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