When Yeshim and I brought our thinking about yoga and tango together we expected to improve each other and to strengthen our individual practices and philosophy.  I came from passionate about tango and developing yoga, she from the other direction.

We have been working on connecting both.  At first we both felt a ‘gut feel’ connection.  Knew it was there but could only explain in a gushing conversation, like teenagers wildly exploring what we knew would be right.  Now, it is easier to see and say with simplicity, what it is we are looking to achieve.  And like everything else with tango and yoga, once the simple truths are glimpsed, then it is hard to lose sight of them.  And as for the memory of diligently focusing on the wrong things…

Take for example the volcada workshop we will run before the monthly Neolonga Europa in Nottingham.  We are going to focus on the simplicity of technique that is needed to make it work, and the underlying simple truth that enables the simplicity – that good posture makes it easy, light and enjoyable.  Two simple things that paradoxically require a rethink of our thought processes, and the ability to recognise how to improve our posture, and the core strength needed.

A long time ago a teacher told me I needed to strengthen my core.  I nodded seriously and asked what she meant.  My friends, it was ‘on one ear and out of the other’.   I can promise this, after our workshop the participants will all know what their core is, and how to engage and strengthen it, and why it makes a huge difference to their volcadas.  And to their dancing generally, all styles.


When I look back, my tango journey seemed like a series of plateaus, of evolving technique.  I grasped for the next goal and exciting movements and connections.  I had to do all of that, but nothing has helped me to get more satisfaction and invention than the physical and mental training that yoga has given me.  With my vocabulary now working, I am excited about what I will ‘say’ next in my tango language.  For me, it is about doing what I do more fully.  It’s like people say all along – sometimes the best dances and moments come from simple things done attentively and well.

A big hug to you all

View the event: Neolonga Europa with optional Volcada / Yoga Workshop

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Story posted by: lorenzo salzano

About the author: Dance Teacher, Event Organiser, Social Dancer, Tango DJ from Nottingham

Published: 17 Jul 2022 @ 16:31

Last modified: 17 Jul 2022 @ 16:39

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