The truly terrible situation in Ukraine worsens by the hour but so too does the momentum of pure human kindness. At the moment of posting this there are some 600,000 refugees seeking safety across the Ukrainian borders into the neighbouring countries of Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Moldova and Romania. Thousands of volunteers and communities near these borders are working together to help everyone coming across to safety. Many more from every corner of the world are sending aid, medicines, money, food, clothing, tools and anything these people need.

How can we help?

If you would like to donate cash, one way, and possibly the best way, is to find organisations that are based IN or NEAR Ukraine with personnel actually on the ground. Sending money to organisations outside of the Ukraine will take longer to reach the people who really need it right now.

Our dear friend and dancer, Caterina, has sourced and verified the following useful links:

I have requested colleagues in Ukraine a list of non-governmental organisations working on the ground (in no specific order). There are many more. I have checked all the IBANs for Euros with the official sources (which I added too, there you can find IBANS for other currencies including crypto). If you rather fund the army directly there are also the official links below. Will be updating as more info comes in.

Hospitallers Hospitalers (Battalion Commander founder Yana Zinkevych)

For what? Volunteer medical battalion working at the front
IBAN: UA323052990262006400928825801 (account holder: FEDIANOVYCH HANNA VITALIIVNA)
Source: and (highly recommended by local colleagues, they were having some issues with some of the IBANS, hope this one is working now)

Come Back Alive

For what? Direct support to the Ukrainian Army
IBAN: UA093052990000026004025029786
Source: (if you scroll down you see their financial statements too)

Kyiv Independent

For what? An independent news organisation reporting from the ground in English
Via Go Fund Me:  

Voices of Children

For what? Helps children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine.
Click on the yellow button and goes through a payment method (24 Pay or G Pay)
Or: IBAN UA 32 305299 00000 2600 5025007707

Army SOS Citizen’s Initiative

For what? We manage purchases of necessary ammunition, shields, intercommunication and reconnaissance facilities, uniforms and food supply.
IBAN: UA453052990000026005006802125

LGBT Military

For what? Military equipment
IBAN: UA123220010000026205315732562 via

National Bank of Ukraine

For what? To help the Army
IBAN: UA843000010000000047330992708
This account accepts multiple currencies.

Information source:

Caterina first published this here:…

Do you have information to share?

We want to share as much useful (and verified) information about the Ukraine support effort as we can so if you know someone who might need or want help with spreading the word please get in touch with Rita or just simply post a story choosing ‘Ukraine’ as the thread.

Story posted by: Rita Maree Horne

About the author: Social Dancer, Writer from Edinburgh

Published: 1 Mar 2022 @ 22:02

Last modified: 2 Mar 2022 @ 13:19

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