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Why go to a Tango Festival in Zanzibar?
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Well, why  not!? As Livingstone wrote when he left Zanzibar Island in 1866 “Nothing is as it seems in Zanzibar”. This tropical destination is enchanting and mesmerizing. What better way to immerse one week in Tango on a beautiful tropical island in Africa.

The event will be hosted at Badolina Restaurant, the No.1 restaurant in Nungwi.

The festival will consist of  Individual Technique Classes, Tango Workshops, Practica, Sunset Sharing and Connection, Milongas and Tango Shows.

Come to experience  a unique destination and experience!

View the event: Tango Zanzibar Festival

Genre: Event News

Story posted by: Marisa van Vuuren

About the author: Event Organiser from Zanzibar

Published: 21 Nov 2019 @ 09:11

Last modified: 21 Nov 2019 @ 09:13

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